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Best Buffet in Vegas

Plain and simple, what’s the best buffet in Vegas, and why (state if it’s based on quality, value, etc.)? What about best restaurant in Vegas? I’m heading there tomorrow if you give a crap, or happen to wonder why I started this thread, and to say, “why don’t you just google it?” is a no go because all you get is ad sites like ‘www.lasvegasbuffets.info’ Thanks.

The “W” hotels buffet has an open bar. It’s $60 and they have rib roast cook to order and lobster tails fully stocked. If you dont want to spend that much money, planet hollywood has a really good international buffet for $20. Depending on where you stay, your hotel usually gives you vouchers for 50% off the in house buffet. Don’t go to Roys, Lawrys, or Alize. They are pretty much chain restaurants and the buffets are a much better choice. If money is no option and you want to truly be wine and dined, go to Shibuya. It’s a Japanese restaurant and just sitting in the dining room is one of the best experiences i’ve ever had in Vegas. I go to Vegas pretty often. Once every month for a weekend or an over night party night. Also, if you go to Fremont strip, you’ll get a taste of the old Vegas. They still have buffets for like $6.99 or so. Food is so-so.

bellagio if you want fancy. steaks, duck, seafood. all that. pricey of course

best? I’m pretty low-brow so i like cheap. We stay at the Orleans alot and love theirs. Rio’s is great but crowded. Sam’s Town is very plain and average. Excalibur is just massive and damned good.
Downtown, I like Golden Nugget and Four Queens. Dont quote me but i think 4 Queens has a seafood buffet one night a week and it rocked.

The Rio has arguably the best seafood buffet in town. Never had it but have heard excellent things.

I have always enjoyed the Buffet at the Bellagio, usually has higher quality food than your typical, chicken fingers, fryies, and Pizza. They will have roast duck, lamb, etc and the food I think is higher quality than most buffets. I think about $23 or so for dinner but not sure on price.

I always enjoyed Dos Caminos at the Palazzo, good chips,salsa, and guacamole and good quesadillas.

Freemont street has a lot of good steak houses.

There are some good sushi places on the strip, but VERY expensive, if you have a car, check out Sushi Mon in Henderson, excellent all you can eat sushi.

Damn, you guys are pros. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I second the Orleans. MGM has good food (prime rib, excellent chili chicken) and $30 gets you an all day pass.

You should get super high and walk down the strip stopping at each major resort to eat at each buffet.

rio. all you can eat seafood buffet for $35 a person. there last week actually. fucking amazing.

Great information. I’m going to be in Vegas for Halloween and the weekend after as well, and I am definitely printing out this thread and doing some serious work down there.

The Paris hotel has a really good buffet. I can’t remember how much it costs though.

I’ve heard the Wynn hotel has a kick ass buffet as well; I’m going to have to check this one out.