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Best Breakfast to Get Lean and Strong?



what is the best breakfast for a guy thats trying to get lean as well as get strong....major leaning wont start til after Xmas so am not too worried about 0 carbs

1)What i have now is
a 4 egg omlette(1 yolk) with cheese and Ham every second day

Fillet Steak/salmon every second day

2)sometimes i'm rushing in the morning and wont be able to eat breakfast for 1 hour so i have a bananna to stop atrophy. Is that okay?

3)and other times i am training very early in the morning so just go straight into training without eating anything

4)Should i be eating fibres, oats in the morning???



the best breakfast is anything you want, as long as it fits in your daily totals for calories, protein,fat, and carbs.

for example if i'm not hungry in the morning i wont eat anything, if im especially hungry it might be a large plate of eggs and a big bowl of oatmeal. as long as I hit my daily calorie totals, it doesn't make a difference really (unless you train early in the morning)


i was always told to make sure to eat something in the morning...eating nothing int good for your muscles or energy.
I also find if i dont eat a breakie i will pick at food all day


It really depends on your dietary strategy - i.e. get yourself a dietary strategy that is consistent with your goals.

When you say "get lean", for example, your approach could change a great deal if you are sitting at higher fat levels versus really shredding up at lower levels.


Right now i am at the higher fat level, at about 16-17%


Both breakfasts seem good, as are oats, I would get a protein shake if you are in a rush, or some BCAAs if you can't eat before training. Its generally not reccomended that you try to get lean and strong at the same time, but I guess, if you want to gain lean muscle, then your body fat will slowly go down. Eat lots of protein, carbs for breakfast and around training, healthy fats and sensible total calories as well as hard training would be the way forwad.


2 eggs
40g ground almonds
40g vanilla protein powder
6-7 tbsp water
1/2 tsp baking powder
Optional: cinnamon, splenda, etc.

Blend above together thoroughly

Cook as pancakes using olive oil (I use 2.5ml oil per pancake and make maybe a stack of 5 or so).

Serve with 2-3 tbsp walden farms calorie free pancake syrup.

My current P+F breakfast =]


Since you want to lean out, I'd keep carbs low. On the other hand, if you're going to eat carbs, the morning is the time to do it.

That said, just make sure it's a fairly big meal with a good amount of protein, and then figure out what else you need in there for your current diet plan.

That said, I'd NEVER skip breakfast. I dont see how people wake up not hungry haha.


There is no "best" breakfast.

There are likely many good options, however.

In order to figure them out you need to determine the nutritional strategy that best fits your needs and build a meal plan around it.

You see, you can figure out what to eat until you determine how you're going to eat.

And, no, a banana alone isn't 'okay' for breakfast.


My current breakfast(maintenance phase) is

3/4 cup of a multi sprouted grain cereal
big ass cup of strong coffee
1-2 hard boiled eggs
1 cup of 2% milk
a serving of superfood in water with a 1/2tsp of raw honey
a serving of creatine mono and about 4g of fish oil.

If I'm in a rush I'll grab a cup of 2% greek yogurt and stir in some frozen blue berries.

When I'm going lower carb I'll go with a 2 egg omelet and 6 ounces or so of lean meat. Lots of options, but a solid breakfast is a must.


Almost everyone said the same thing, "Well...whatever's best for you silly!"

Just give him an example.

I throw a chicken breast in the blender with a banana, about 2 cups of assorted frozen fruit (strawberries, bluberries, peaches, pineapple, etc). Add some fruit juice and blend throughly.

Adjust the quantity to your liking and if you need some fat you can just drink some olive oil on the side.


that's disgusting, why not just use protein powder instead?


First of all, why do only have one yolk in a 4 egg omlette? There should be 4 yolks in there.

Vince Gironda thought the best breakfast was Steak and Eggs. Sounds good to me. Breakfast is apparently the one time (outside of post-workout) that you can be a little bit more liberal with carbs, so you might want to add some fruit or, if you're feeling adventurous, a couple of pieces of toast smothered with good raw butter.

If you are eating Hi-protein and low carb, be sure to eat plenty of probiotics. You can get these from traditionally fermented foods Or you can have them in pill form. One fairly cheap but good probiotic is called PB8 which you can get in a lot of health food stores. The mercedes of probiotics is a product called Theralac from Therabiotics:


I agree 100%. In the past month I've started adding up to three servings of live dairy products to my daily diet; usually a serving of kifer and two servings of 2% greek yogurt...

I've got to say, that in terms of general health(especially digestive), no supplement has ever given me the kinds of benefit that getting these probiotics in has...not to mention, as an added bonus, they're packed with protein(19 grams per serving of greek yogurt!!).


Fantastic. I must add that Greek Yoghurt is REAL yoghurt. Another good brand is Pavel's Russian Yoghurt. Danon, and a lot of commercial ones, on the other hand, are shit...lots of sugar, lots of pectin, little or no good acidopholus.


Dude u wont atrophy if you eat breakfast an hour late.

Oatmeal n eggs is a classic


I personally think that if you want to get lean and build a muscular physique in the process....then just get lean first....it's not that hard if you apply yourself

Go on a seriously carb restricted or no-carb diet or look up the Velocity Diet on this site and follow that to the letter. Eat under 2000k a day with lots of protein, a few liquid meals and only carbs from veggies. Drink a ton of water

In very little time you'll drop the fat and then you can focus on eating quality muscle building meals instead of dainty little meals with no nutrional or physique building value

You won't get strong if you're not eating a ton and if you're training hard you can eat a ton and not gain too much fat.

my two main breakfasts:

at home if I'm up early enough I make a shake with

4 ice cubes
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup yogurt
2 scoops Metabolic Drive
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
5 gram creatine monohydrate
half a shot of EVOO
1 scoop Superfood

or at work I have an amazing breakfast

green tea
3 scrambled eggs with cheese
2 pancakes with butter and syrup (best bulking food ever)


I agree. That's what my mom raised me on, that or cream of wheat (made with milk) and eggs.


If you have trouble eating right when you wake up, make a whey shake, then slam it down. Banana is ok, but protein would be better. (Banana+shake, even better!)

Your overall nutrition plan will determine what your breakfast should be. Since you are going carb-free, might I suggest adding some fats for energy? I mean, you do need to do shit every day, right?

Poloquin recommends this approach;

The point is if you're eating eggs, keep the yolks, and if your eating steak/salmon, add an extra fat source.


if you want to stay thin a great way is to eat a very light supper! dont eaqt protien after 6 or 7 pm! i make home made popcorn and smoothies! i freeze bannanas, blueberrys, and other fruits, stick them in a blender with some skim milk.

you have a nice smoothie with out any sugar! then i take some plain popcorn (not pre-pakaged) and fry it in some olive oil. lightly salt, and if you have some brewars yeast sprinkle that on it also! your body wont be trying to digest a bunch of protien and fat while your sleeping!