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Best Breakfast Meal Besides Oatmeal?


I want to start eating a healthy breakfast, but I'm not a big fan of oatmeal. I can eat it every once in awhile but theres no way i can eat it everyday. Is there a healthy cold cereal out there than anyone can reccommend?


I eat 6 eggs, with fish oil pills and coconut oil every morning.

Eat anything, as long as youre getting enough protein and overall cals to start your day off and meet your nutritional needs.


What i eat about 9/10 days:

1/3 Dry Grits (60g Carb)
4 Whole Eggs (24g Protein)
1 Whole Wheat Bagel + PB (whatever a bagel is)
1L Gatorade (instant mix- 60g Carb)
1 med apple/orange

Sometimes i'll swap 4 donuts for the bagel (donuts = 800 cals) or some instant waffles (around 500 cals for 4 waffles).

What is the exact cal total? no clue. I'd guess at 1100+ calories. This fills me up, keeps me that way for a few hours and gives me a bunch of nutrients in the AM.

Why do i recommend this? it gives you various foods to eat, some fast and slow release carbs. Makes breakfast a little less boring when you have more than just eggs and oats every AM.

I would also suggest having oatmeal and cottage cheese as an alternative meal in the morning (my boredom/backup meal). this is pretty nice, you can keep the fruit and gatorade/water, and figure out your other carb source from there.



Have you tried oatmeal with a slice of kraft process cheese or 2 in it? OMG!


Are those magic grits?


You can make some very healthy and very delicious pancakes if you use whole wheat flour and oats in the mix. Whenever I feel like actually taking the time to "cook" breakfast, that's what I go for.


Cold? ME likey hot. 8 egg whites, cheddah cheese and two pop tarts. Hungry again in an hour. Eat two PB&J's. Good to go.


2 servings of shreded wheat n bran
+ 2 scoops of banana Metabolic Drive as the milk.
+ 1 sliced banana = yummy


What are your goals? Are you trying to gain mass, lose weight, or just eat healthy? Most of the meals listed here are for gaining mass. I didn't see anything for losing weight listed, but go high protein, low fat, and moderate carbs. For just eating healthy any whole wheat ceral would do fine, like a KASHI one, or the like.

For spicing up your oatmeal try some Spleda Brown Sugar and Cinnamon. That's how I always have it. I can eat that every single day for the rest of my life. Without the brown sugar and cinnamon though forget about it...


There is no "BEST" meal. This mindset is detrimental...


Cottage Cheese pancakes are GREAT, but usually I'll have granola covered in whole fat yogurt, with a smidge of maple syrup for sweeness.


You can try steel cut oatmeal. The texture is different. What kind of oatmeal do you eat if you do? I was a dummy for a while and used the quick stuff but now I use the regular oatmeal. Since I started cooking it in a pot, the texture is worlds different. And you can always cook it with more or less water depending on your taste. I still dont eat it much since I prefer the omelet in the second post.


No offense, but that sounds awful.


It's very rare that I can do hot food first thing in the mornings. I feel nauseated for hours afterwards. If I wait a couple hours after waking up (second breakfast), then it's fine but I always have a cold breakfast.

What I've been doing is putting 2 scoops of vanilla whey, a pile of frozen blueberries (sometimes up to half a pound), a banana, GreensFirst, and some 1% milk in a blender. Absolutely delicious. Obviously there are many different variations on this using different fruits, but this one doesn't get old.

Sometimes I'll do what Shugs suggested and do cold oatmeal, using protein powder/water as milk, and some berries on top. But I really like my breakfast smoothies.

When I'm cutting I'll usually just have some Metabolic Drive and flax seeds in water. It gets the job done.


Thanks for all of the replies guys. I guess two things I forgot to mention were:

A. I'm going to be starting up the T-Dawg Diet, so I need to use carbs in moderation.


B. I don't like eggs :frowning:

So you guys have given me some great suggestions, but if anyone has any more let me know!


Well,steak and eggs are gonna be your best friends when you're on those low carb diets.So....

A: you can eat the eggs and close your nose so you won't taste them

B:Eat tuna ,chicken breasts and coconut oil

or C: Grow some balls and eat your eggs!


I'm on a Pizza Omelette kick.

Make an omelette of 6 egg whites, garlic salt, pepper and a dash water, beaten well, and transfer the completed omelette onto a plate. Top with a tablespoon or two of warm Contadina Pizza Sauce and a small sprinkle of lowfat mozzerella. Microwave for 15 seconds or so until the cheese is melted.


All Bran w/Honey Clusters


Tuna for breakfast? Now, that is most foul.


I don't know what your goals are but:

A large egg white/whole egg omelete with peppers, onions, spinach, slice of Cracker Barrel Cheddar

Sliced potatoes sauteed in a pan along with onions, olive oil, and seasonings

4-6 Strips of Turkey bacon

I looooooooove this breakfast.

Because I have been leaning out I have been doing the steel cuts oats, metabolic drive, and blueberry/strawberry thing 6 days/wk though. I do like this breakfast also.