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Best Brand of Ginkgo Biloba?


Hi, Was wondering for those of you who take this supplement. Where do you buy it?
obviously some companys make junk products ,so what are the best brands.


I like Life extension Gingko. Everytime I mention this the usual response is "I'm not going to pay their prices."

Most seem to want the best but pay the least (not saying you do). That doesn't usually happen.


thanks ZEB, i found once site iherb.com thats has life extension Ginkgo for 35 dollers but it has 365 caps, and u need only one a day 35 dollers a years is cheap considering the benefits of ginkgo. Still curious of what products the members at T-Nation use, could use the insight guys.


iherb is a great site, I use their products and have always found the quality and service to be very good.


Agreeed LEF is High quality. I will just warn DONT get ginko in bulk powder form unless you have an iron gut. I can get it down but Man its god aweful. Wont be doing it again any time soon, get it capped.


I get a small amount of it in Greens +.

Might wanna ditch buying the ginko and buy greens + instead, it would be a much wiser buy.


No need to spend a lot of time, or money searching around. GNC's brand is just fine.

Look for the standardized version, so that you get a higher concentration of flavonoid glycosides.