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Best Brand for Weight Vests?


Just like Eleiko is known for making the best olympic lifting bars and bumper plates, what is the Eleiko equivalent of weight vests?

I'm interested in the least bulky more "aerodynamic" weight vests that tend to be on the lighter side (10-20lb range). Price is not a concern.

Thanks in advance.


A few years back, the X-vest was widely regarded as the best weight vest on this site. Since then, it seems a large number of other manufacturers have started making weight vests. I would be interested in hearing opinions about various weight vests, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Likewise. Almost bought a weight vest from promaxima (their warehouse is 10 minutes from me) but ended up moving and spending a ton of money so I held off. I'd prefer to pick it up direct and like it to be snug and in the 20-40lb range, preferably with adjustable weights.


I would be interested in the uselfulness of a weight vest. I wouldnt want to run with one.
What do you guys use it for? Are they fixed weights, or can you adjust the weight?



Dips, pull-ups, pushups, air squats, etc. Agree on the not running with one, but is a great tool for fasted cardio/walking.

Some are fixed, but most are adjustable. Xvest and MIR are the higher end vests.


I have the Firemen Model X-Vest which goes up to 84 pounds.

I regularly walk my dog in it wearing 20-40 pounds.
I have put all 84 pounds in the vest a few times and each time I have had to take breaks and rest while walking. It may sound weak but with 40 additional pounds on my back a 3 mile walk turns into sweating and burning muscles.

The vest seems very well made but not aerodynamic.

X-vest does make smaller,more aerodynamic, models but I have no experience with those.


Does anyone have any experience with V-Max 100lbs Weight Vest? I want to get a weight vest for cardio/walking. The manufacturer has two models: Short Vests with Wide Shoulders and Long Vests with Wide Shoulders. The 100 lb. short vest is a 50 lb. short vest with a 50 lb. attachment. The 100 lb. Long Weight Vest is a 75 lb. long vest and a 25 lb. attachment.

The latter seems more appropriate for walking; however the former appears to be more versatile for exercises other than walking. I already have a 20lb and 40lb inexpensive vests from a different manufacturer which I bought for push-ups, dips, and pull-ups.

I have worn them over top of each other for walking, but 60lbs is not enough resistance for me.


A lot of guys at my work who are into training use this brand. I've got the V-Force model and am very happy with it. Not cheap though, but adjustable in weight and comfortable for the most part.



I should have mentioned that price is not an issue. The two vests I inquired about cost over $300 each.


Egghead -

I have a V-Max weight vest that goes up to 50 lbs. in 2.5 lb increments (small square shape weights). It has military grade webbing, has velcro straps which secure just below my chest, heavy padding on the shoulders and is super durable and comfortable. I bought it for $200 at the VMax.xom website. Well worth the money. I'm seeing that most people walk with these vests but want to add that I have trained for 2 Ironman Triathlons and 3 24-hour mountain bike races with this vest so its alot more versatile than people think. I never ran with more than 35 lbs. though was able to do about 8-9 miles during that run without tearing myself down too much. Also rode the MTB up and down a mountain with the entire 50 lbs., for a serious redline workout.

Hope this helps - Good luck


Thanks for these reviews guys. I just ordered the 50lbs V-Force vest. We'll see how much I can kill myself now.



This is an excellent light-weight 20pound vest. I bought it over a year ago and this thing has withstood some pretty epic training. I sprint/run with this vest for a large part of that time we're talking 6 miles a day through rain, snow, heat, freezing conditions. I hike with a 50pound pack with the vest (without wear and tear on the vest) every-day in harsh winter this thing was getting half frozen. I do a lot of boxing training with it. I also use it to supplement my sledge hammer training and have used this for 8 hour intervals on the sledge hammer day after day after day. In the last week the fabric took a slight tear (but I throw it around carelessly, it spends half the time on the floor and I grabbed it awkwardly with 1 hand) the rip doesn't even effect the vest either.

It's not very heavy but this vest was/is durable. I still use it almost every sledge hammer session, it's been a killer back training, leg training, GP, etc.