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Best Books on Israel/Palestine


I decided to post this in the politics rather than off-topic forum due to the subject matter of type of book I'm looking for.

As someone who is interested in the issue but hasn't found the time to study it (the classes I take in school are all hard science), I was wondering which books have shaped the views of the people on this forum in terms their position on the Israel-Palestine issue.


Being in Israel shaped my views on the conflict. Non-fiction is usually biased, I'm sure you know that. Even history-books can't capture the feelings and anxieties of a people. Therefore, I suggest you look at biographies of the leaders of both Palestine and Israel (both past and present) and even some fiction. Sometimes fiction is closer in relevance than anything else you find on a subject.

Having experienced it is always preferable to reading about it.


Revisionist history: Tom Segev One Palestine, Complete
And in between fiction and fact, respecting archie's thought: Collins and LaPierre's group biography, O, Jerusalem


The canonical books of Islam shaped my views quite a bit.


Being in the Occupied Territories shaped my views on the conflict.

OP, start here:



For the military side, read Martin Van Creveld's "Defending Israel," and his history of the IDF, "The Sword and the Olive Branch." Heard his biography of Moshe Dayan is good too.


No, don't START there. You might end up there if you're led astray. This website equates palestinians with Native Americans. Look at the front page.

Take a year off from posting,lixy.


Did you host Hamas at your house and provide a launching pad for their rockets?


Thomas Friedman- From Beirut to Jerusalem


"The Case for Israel" and its sequel
"The Case for Peace" by Alan Dershowitz



The Qur'an, the Hadith, and the Sirah.


People of the Land
Palestine is Still the Issue

Both video/documentaries. Find them. Watch them.

There is truth to both sides of the story. It's not as plain as:

Jews = innocent, minding their own business
Palestinians = murdering Jews because they have some free time on their hands