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Best Book

What is the best book for strength building. I know the site is pro “get buffed” but is that more of a body building book?

I’ve found Fitness and Strength Training For All Sports by Hartmann and Tunemann to be very good in relation to strength training. It’s was recommended by Poliquin in one of his articles.

Check the “Feed Your Head” article in previous issues.

No, Get Buffed is not just for bodybuilders. You will find it an excellent book for all athletes; it covers a wide range of topics including injury prevention and rehab. As well as that, you could check out Ian’s How to Write Strength Training Programs book also.

Bar None…“Supertraining” By Dr. Mel Siff and Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky. In my opinion no other book even comes close. Don’t let the hokey title throw you off.

“SuperTraining” is a great book, as the previous post mentioned. It is, however, very technical. If you have the patience, no other book comes close.

Supertraining is the most comprehensive book I’ve seen on the subject. It’s technical, but well worth the money.

I would have to go with DInosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. His workouts aren’t “scientific” but rather old-school, HEAVY, and focus on free weights and awkward object lifting.
Plus, his methods are more likely to work for the drug free trainee.

the best book…Serious Strength Training by Tudor Bompa. been using the routines for 2 years now.put over a hundred pounds on the squat in the first year.all my friends have gotten A+ results too!

What ever you do, do NOT buy the Arnold bodybuilding book. I bought this book without doing any research and wasted my money. Can you say old school.

“Dinosaur Ttraining” by Brooks Kubik.

Tudor Bompa’s Serious Trength Training is good because it uses periodization and manipulates many variables to give you a year long approach. t can be complicated. I find it hard to follow because I have more of an “instinctive” approach that clashes a little bit with him. I may give it a try though.

I can’t find Supertraining by Siff anywhere. Does anyone have an isbn number?

Mel Siff’s books are only really available through his widow.

Try here http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Supertraining/

Well I don’t know if there are any books that are really heavy enough for some serious strength training. Maybe go to a used book store, and grab a few of the biggest books in there. Maybe together the load would be enough.

CT’s For Functional information on program design CT’s book is phenominal. I think it is probably the best. Get Buffed is a good starter book. Supertraining is awesome but, if you want something to provide a template/format for your programs you’ll be dissappointed. Supertraining is written as a textbook. It basically gives you all the science. I actually lked science and Practice by Zatsiorsky better than supertraining. Digesting and interpereting it is up to you.


I too would like to buy this book. Do you recommend sending an e-mail to the address listed near the bottom of the page you mentioned?

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You can purchase Supertraining 2003 at Dave Tate’s website elitefts.com, as well as numerous other strength training books