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Best Book


Hey, so I'm looking for the best book(s) on nutrition- whether full on diet plans or just general nutrition advice. Any suggestions?


150 HEALTHIEST foods


Dr. John Berardi's "The Metabolism Advantage"


Optimum Sports Nutrition- Colgan, best ever!


Joy Bauer's Idiot's Guide to Nutrition is the best for the layman, in my opinion.

For an athlete or lifter, the nutrition section of Scrawny to Brawny and Metabolism Advantage, both by Dr. Berardi, are the best.


have you read any colgan?


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Guide to Flexible Dieting
The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook


For general nutrition info-
The Optimum Nutrition Bible,just bear in mind it's not a sports nutrition/bodybuilding book,so balance it out with other books if your lifestyle is way above average,it's written from amore holistic/nutritional therapy angle.

The Complete Guide To Sports Nutrition-Anita Bean -Pretty straightforward.