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Best Book You Have Read?


Whats your favourite book / series of books you have read?

My Favourite book of the many I have read is - The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie. I Love all his other books aswell.


Lord of the Rings: read 7-8 times
The Stand: read 7-8 times
Swan Song: read 2-3 times
Gunslinger series: read only once but shit took 20 years from first to last

then way to many to put down


I have read thousands of books.

novels, biographies, autobiographies, history, fantasy, and everything else inbetween.

and believe it or not.

the best book I have ever read.


is 'Lonesome Dove', by Larry McMurtry.


Tough one.

For purely entertainment purposes, I've really enjoyed Dan Brown books. And Clive Cussler. Hard to pick one.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill although the last chapter is pretty weird


Damn you sound just like my dad, and he is 55 you know old like you.






I am only 33 and I read like you, darling! Have you read larry McMurtry's Berrybender Narratives? A series of 4 books. Almost a satirical take on the Wild West.

Not my be all end all favorites but I recently read all of the Hunger Games books. It was very different but fresh and exciting. The movie comes out soon and it is going to get wicked popular.


Another old guy




no....I'm not a hard-core McMurty fan, he also wrote 'Terms of Endearment' -

but I am interested in the Berrybender Narratives.....tell me more~

AND - I am not 55 forchristsake~






It's really difficult to name just ONE best book you've ever read. But "The Old Man and the Sea" comes close for me.

Singular character battling nature, himself, and seemingly insurmountable odds.



I read some books by Abercrombie (can't remember the name right now, the ones about Ninefingers) and thought they were pretty good. I found them googling "books like A Game of Thrones", which I'm sure you've heard about but if you haven't read they are great books.

Another similar series I found is called "Prince of Nothing" by Scott Bakker. I think he is the best technical writer of all 3 (Abercrombie, George RR Martin and Abercrombie), and the stories were really good and well written. It just really pissed me off because the main character was a pretty legit dude and he just never caught a break. When the little guy gets stepped on, I want to see him come back and whoop some ass. In Prince of Nothing the little guy gets stepped, then he gets shit on, then he gets his nose rubbed in it and the assholes never get their due.


It is, the second I wrote that, so many books came to mind.

I like the sound of that book, I shall google it.

Another excelent book I've read is "I am Legend" by Richard Matheson. The Film Really does not do it justice. In fact all it does is borrow its name.
It pretty much turned my view of what a monster is on its head.


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