Best Book to Learn Everything about Bloodwork

Hi there, I’ve been reading about trt/ anti-aging/ steroids as a hobby for years but I always thought these stickies were unbelievable in the knowledge they had compared to anything else I could find.

I know there is no best book but I just wanted to further my knowledge and get a better understanding. So please could you all give me any recommendations/ what you think the best book is???

Also if anyone has every original sticky I would be eternally grateful if you could share them with me!

I’m absolutely gutted I didn’t save them years ago!

All the help is very much appreciated

Thank you

TOT Bible by Campbell (I think?)

Anabolic Doc has a book called America on steroids. Not sure how TRT-friendly that is tho.

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“Testosterone for Life” by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler.

The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet is also another good one, same author of the TOT Bible, Jay Campbell.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula