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Best Book on Periodization


Which book do you think is the best book on periodization, and why?


"Periodization" by Bompa gives an overveiw of several different methods to organize training. It's pretty general bu is an awesome read. That being said, "Block Periodization" by Issurin is hands down the best. Fair warning, you will probably have to read it about 10 times before you start to understand anything. Block takes you through every period of training and tells you exactly how to organize your training variables and also what skills to be developing based on how long you have until competition.


The reason I asked this is because having been recommended Bompa, I thought that the general underlying principles were pretty good, but I thought it might have been a bit to Linear?


Practical Programming for Strength Training- Rippetoe and Kilgore


Pre-planned periodization is useless you're gearing up for a meet. The better aproach is do it until it stops working.

Bulk: until you stop getting bigger
Cut: Until you start losing muscle
Power/Strength: Until you've reached a point were you're satisfied and want to bulk/cut again.

I should right a book dammit!


I am pretty sure you just described a periodized plan. You're RIGHT, you should WRITE a book... just have a good editor.


He does hammer linear periodization. His overview of other training priniciples is pretty solid. As far as a base of information, I'd go with him. To get more specific, i.e. planning for powerlifting, go with Issurin.


Issurin is best if you went to school for exercise science, have a lot of time on your hands and/or have an experienced and competent S and C coach who can help you out. For the general strength athlete or athletes trying to get strong community Bompa is awesome as are Rip and Kilgore and easier to understand Don't try to read Supertraining by Mel Siff unless you're a hell of a lot smarter than I am and willing to read the same page about 20 times, it's awesome information but very difficult to absorb all of and a good deal of it is out dated (heard that from my neuromuscular professor I understood about a 10th of what I read and would be able to apply maybe a 10th of that.)

And buy don't torrent the books if you can. COME ON.

  • Do read Supertraining if you like confusing graphs and swearing a lot at a book. You know whatever tickles your pickle.