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Best Book On Flexibility and Mobility?


Does anyone have any suggested books on the subject of flexibility and mobility?



As of next weekend, Mike Robertson and I will have something that'll interest you.


Any chance that you can whisper it to me? :slightly_smiling:

Cough PM cough


I've got Pavels 'Relax into Stretch' and 'Superjoints' and they both have some very good advice on flexibility and joint health and mobility. I've had some good results from following the techniques and drills he recommends.



On-line Text book you can print. I found it pretty good, especially considering it's free.


Can you give us any details such as price and where we will be able to buy it. Will it be sold on this site??


Pavel's stuff is the best I've ever tried.


I've noticed a need for basic stretching exercises and Bob Anderson's book on "Stretching" is a good book for the general public. He teaches about how to move into stretches gently without force. He also talks about a point where the stretch can back fire. There are sections for diff. types of athletes.

However, for those wanting to move into splits of all kinds and extreme backbends, I highly recommend that a proper teacher/coach be sought ought. There are certain stretching movements that can be harmful for the low back area if done improperly.

(finalyear, this would be a good resource for you also. :slight_smile: )


I love Pavel's "Relax into stretch" and "Super Joints". I have also heard good things about Steve Maxwell's joint mobility DVD as well as Scott Sonnon's stuff.


Yes, it will be sold on T-Nation. Pricing will likely be right around $40; it's going to be dictated by our final cost total. We definitely wouldn't go above $50. Considering you'd pay $85 for an hour with a bonehead personal trainer, we think that $40ish for 45-60 minutes of education that you can use forever is not only reasonable, but a great deal.