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Best Book/Mentor etc

Just curious as to who was your best mentor or book has been in reguard to either lifting or life???

I don’t know about him being a mentor, but John Berardi’s articles on this site and his other works have definately been the most useful for me. His no nonsense nutrition DVD is great if you’re having trouble with the nutrition side of things, especially in regard to how to fit proper nutrition into you every day life and make the right habits.

I’m reeeaallllly looking forward to that new book of his that is coming out here soon. Anyone got any idea about when it’s supposed to come out?

A few years ago, an Italian bb magazine (“Olympian’s News”)recommended “Physically Incorrect” by Coach Staley. I bought it. Great book !
Moreover on the last page I read about testosterone.net

I think this is my third time recommending Dinosaur Training.