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Best Bodyweight Workouts


This even possible?! 25% BW?! What does your gym instructor weigh?


I recommend picking up the book Convict Conditioning and add in some gymnastic moves on the side. This is what I've been doing and feeling much healthier.


Sounds fishy. I don't think I even know anyone who can do 25 correct push-ups and 25 correct squats in a minute. The beep would be going off as you're wrapping up the squats.


my thoughts exactly...it would basically be non-stop pushups and squats for 25 minutes, amounting to around 600 reps for each exercise


I'm going to try this out in my living room right now. Just one round to see whats up. Hold on.... BULLSHIIIIIIIIIT!!!! I just tried one round with great form, all the way up and all the way down. Then did 25 squats, all the way to parallel and all the way up... my first round took :43 seconds. After two or three rounds (with legit form and good ROM) you wouldnt be finishing before the 1 minute beeper. so after my little experiment I call bullshit on the 16 rounds