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Best Bodybuilding Show Ever?


Whats your vote?

I thought about this after that vid of the 91 nationals or something the other day...Here is mine looking at the lineup and well the title on youtube says so.

Even Ruhl looked good here I think this was his best ever show...Granted he was next to Naser El Sonbaty (another big man with a big waist lol)


Rühl had (always has imo, quite the opposite of Ronnie in that aspect) great abs (just a wider waist, but well...).
Ronnie had shitty abs/ugly abs (and did he just forget to flex them at times where the others did flex?) even back then... Real shame.

Even more of a shame that Levrone didn't train during the off-season(s)... A few more pounds overall and he could imo have beaten almost all of those guys in any show...


i always like the 1994 olympia but prob not the best. Not to sway the topic off course but who do you guys think had more size ruhl or coleman?


I agree Ruhl's structure is what throws his midsection off. He has always had aesthetic and large blocky abs...

Ronnie imo has always been somewhat of a horrible poser. He was just that much more muscular than everybody that it didn't matter LOL

shoot and Levrone's off season was what 6 months!? lol I know some guys who take 1 month off completely a year...I can barely take a full 5 days off without going NUTS! lol


Flex once said that was his best shape ever, great show, great post Gerdy, I still have no idea how flex didnt win more shows, back to the original question. You may have nailed it but 2009 O may be one of the greatest, tons of expectations


well Flex wasn't necessarily a loser by any means. He has one of the winningest careers in bbing.

I agree on the 09 O and one thing that gets me excited is that in the previous 'big shows' many of the bodies were similar (IE same or close to same height, similar structure, etc) Like look at levrone, wheeler, ronnie, all very similar physiques imo.

with the 09 O compare Wolf to Kai to Phil to Silvio to Jay to Branch, etc...they all have completely different styles of physiques and that, to me, is what makes this O very interesting. Also the fact that there is probably 10 guys who could potentially win. lol

Crod: Ruhl has never been known to have the best triceps...Ronnie had some phenominal arms in size and definition. I'd give the vote to Big Ron personally


Wheeler and Levrone were the perfect combination of freakiness and aesthetics on that time, I would have gone for Wheeler on the show, but Ronnie's legs and back were way ahead of everyone else's.


You're def right, one of the most winningest, and countless 2nd places, I just think its crazy when guys talk about Flex on this board and others and say "yeh well hes great, if like those "aesthetic kinda guys"" like this sport isnt based on asethetics.

Back to this year O, should be crazy, I cant see Phil Heath losing unless he just blows it. I sorta feel bad for Dexter in that regard, hes virtually flawless except for his calves. But its not like he can get any bigger, A great big guy will always beat a great small guy.


I'm too inexperienced with the history of bodybuilding to give a legitmate vote. I've only been a real fan for about a year and have only "dug up" so much, but as others have mentioned already, with this years Mr. O lineup it may rank amongst the greatest.


That's funny, because he also said his best appearances were circa 98-99 on MD!


So many great shows during that era though,... the late 90's were just an amazing time to be getting into the sport.