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Best Bodybuilding/PLing Video


whats your guy's favorites?


That one was good, never seen it before

I love this Yates video and a Levrone compilation if I can find it again.


I'm a fan of this guy. Plus it's a leg workout.


Jason W.(long last name I can't remeber)

Steve Kuclo and Justin Harris

It's nice sometimes to see what the up and coming guys are doing to get to the top of the game. Justin is a new writer here for T-Nation if people didn't notice.


This dude has the perfect physique: Big, lean, aesthetic, and athletic.



He was the 2005 World Bodybuilding Champion. And a PI a while back. Something to do with bad fashion choices.


http://youtube.com/watch?v=WS0GGC_LD2U change it up a bit here is a good one for Pl and strength athletes.


Nothing to add but that is probably one of the first youtube videos I ever saved and have watched many times since. Awesome..


In that strength compilation the guy doing deads at the 7:00 mark is the definition of intensity. For those who might know is he sponsored by EliteFTS?


This is the Levrone video. Things of note:

-That sideways most muscular shot is insane
-Kevin is a pressing machine
- The pose he does at about 4:29 is so smooth and cool. Really makes posing look like an art form


This person has tons of bodybuilding clips plus entire DVDs loaded up it seems




Nice link. That guy has an ideal physique I hope one day I can achieve.



A couple of Arnold videos.

Guy is a fucking badass.


One more I just found.

Can you imagine working out in a gym with Arnold, Cutler, and Frank Mcgrath all working out at the same time?