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Best Bodybuilding Movies


Looking for some good informative and motivating bodybuilding movies.

I currently have

Pumping Iron(who doesn't)
Full Blown - Levrone

I've seen Redemption on Youtube. Any other good ones?

Are the Jay Cutler ones worth watching? Hopefully they aren't anything like that Powertec ad.


Nothing I've seen even comes close to being as motivating as Strong. It's a movie about DeFranco's gym in NJ, and the NFL hopefuls he trains.
Simply awesome.



I'm going with the Animal Pak Training vids

It's just straight forward, no talking just business

Dorian Yates is always good to watch too.

sorry to say this, but pumping iron just seems like its gonna burst into gay porn. I think its because of the music or I'm not into the 70's vibe


It's probably Ed Corney's sweet stache. He probably got mad butt with that stache back in the day, though.


the raising the bar series by mike pulcinella is very good. i also like blood and guts


Some good mentions so far, so I'll add the Unbelievable (Ronnie).


Not so much informative, but if you plan to still be lifting when you're in your 60s, Robby Robinson's Built is a motivational must-watch.



afghan muscle


Isn't that the one where they get all angry with each other and threaten them by saying they'll fuck them up the ass?