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Best Bodybuilding Documentaries Ever??


Some have said that the Raising the Bar Trilogy and Kai Greene: OVERKILL are some of the best documentaries ever made about the sport of bodybuilding. Here are a few samples...


I really like your dvd's. But why the self-promotion. It doesn't make me like your dvd more, but it does make me like you less.


No offense Pro, but have you watched any of mike's DVD's? They're great, and give you a great inside peek of what REAL IFBB pro's do. Thats why all these big companies hire him in the first place.

You should take a look!


No offence Sarev0k, but did you read Pro's post? He likes the DVDs but doesn't like the self promotion.

Mike's posts promote Mike's videos. He posts nothing but advertising for his videos.

In other threads people have actually thanked him for posting previews of videos. Thanks for an advert is just bizarre.

Pro and I are both in Australia - perhaps it's a cultural thing.


What's that documentary where Ronnie Coleman lifts heavy weights? I watched it right after I saw that flick where Michael Cera plays an awkward teenager and I can't for the life of me remember what it's called...


Lol, I guess some people don't even still know him. I don't see any big deal with this, if it really was, the post would've been deleted from this site.


I love the vids.But that overly expressive narator annoys the fuck out of me.


The narrator (well at least in the last video) is mike :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone self promotes these days so I dont see it as a problem at all.

Really liked the overkill and redemption series too!!