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Best 'Bodybuilding' Development in Sports


my vote is the quad development of elite level Olympic lifters. check out the guy at 31:37






Gymnasts for arms and delts (they are 3ft tall though, so bit of illusion in that)

(no idea how to embed pics)



How goes it, man?

Good to see you back.


Any pics of speed skaters? They've always stood out to me in past olympic games.



I second that. They did stand out to have some great quad development. Robert Turbin, back up RB for the Seahawks has some massive arms. I was watching the game and saw that his arms were bigger than his O-line.


Pro X said his thighs rivaled this guys'.


This guy is definitely natty.


Well, to be fair, most of them aren't truly natty anyways...


lmao, that's literally all you ever focus on dude, shit is old give it a break


Eric Heiden, a former Olympic sppedskater had massive thighs, Part of his training routine involved squating with 225 pounds for 10 minutes. I understand that speedskaters today have a new blade and using it doesn't require the routine of a Heiden--I think it's called a clapper blade, but wouldn't swear to it. I also agree as to the thigh development of a lot of Olympic weightlifters, and some NFL running backs have some pretty big thighs as well.


I do not even get the point of the comment. I am willing to bet that the best athletes in any sport are on something.


He's like the guy who trolls bodybuilding pages on social media to say "steroids" "not natural" and bullshit like that


Google BBFailure (without a space, one single word) and his posts on MW lol


Track cyclist legs are pretty good.


Imbalances but still those are crazy forearms.


What are the imbalances? There's nothing that really pops out at me.


It looks like he's referring to those legs.


What legs? I dont see any legs?