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Best Bodybuilding Books and Films


Alrite everyone, just wondering what everyones favourite book on bodybuilding looking to expand my knowledge and some good films to watch.


Arnold's books are very good, as far as films depends on what you're looking for.



Just watched pumping iron, not as good as I expected. Looking for more informative and entertaining videos and more of training.

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Well pumping is more of a movie than a training vid, blood and guts is pretty cool, RC is the man also the titans series are very nice too.



Dorian Yates' "Blood And Guts" is definitely one of my favorites. Also, you can't go wrong with any of Ronnie Coleman's stuff (The Unbelievable.. Relentless..).


On my IPOD I have clips from YouTube, "The Best of Dorian Yates" and "The Best of Kevin Levrone". Both make me wanna tear the weights up.



x2, he pretty much said it for me