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Best body building helper

I’m looking for something to help me build more muscle. I have had people give me thier opinions on what I should try, but I wanted to ask people who have more experience on the subject. I’m 18 and looking for something that I can just pick up at a local fitness store.

Nathan: Forgive me if I sound like a philosopher, or God forbid, a TEACHER, but the “something” that will help you build more muscle is KNOWLEDGE. I gather from your question that you want some device to do it, but without KNOWLEDGE you’ll be blowing in the wind. Knowledge about what?

1)Diet 2)Diet 3)Diet 4)Muscle Overload 5)Diet 6)Cardio 7)Diet

Get the old search engine cranked up. Read 1)“The Diet Manifesto” 2)FAQ (VERY important)3)“Massive Eating” 4)Cross search and cross reference past articles when you have questions and always feel free to come to the Forum with specific questions. We won’t BS you, but will give you the information that it takes to REALLY build muscle. We’ll leave the BS to the Infomercials…

Amen Mufasa. No gadget will get you the body of your dreams. Knowledge is the best tool.

Sorry, I should’ve been more specific. I began doing wheight trainning when I was 16 at high school. Where I am strong enough for my purposes (member of the CF) I have not achieved the cut look that I want. I have gone to the base doctor and he says I shouldn’t bother I’m in great shape. But I would like to be a little bigger and much more cut. I have gone on numerous diets that really gave me no benefits because I am really not concerned with wheight loss. I work out roughly 75mins a day, it’s just a mixture of running, push-ups, chin-ups, and sit-ups. As instructed by my superiors. I really don’t have much free time to myself so I was hopeing someon could recommend something that would help me out.

And after knowledge comes FOOD!!!

  1. There are diets for “wheight” gain too. 2. You need to be lifting weights. 3. You’re not going to build muscle and get cut at the same time. 4. You haven’t read the articles suggested to you have you?

Nathan, my fellow T-peeps have pointed you in the right direction, my friend…and you, no doubt, are very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. T-mag, the archives, the forum and all the associated people will help you get where you need to go. The helper you’re looking for is free, bro. It’s called hard work, determination, attitude and desire. If you have goals, you’ll do what’s necessary to achieve them: in the gym and out, which includes diet, training and reading/conversing with knowledgeable sources. So feel free to ask questions, but also get your bootie on the website and do some research and develop the mindset.

if you want to spend a long time reading (but time well worth it), read Supertraining-- i am right now.