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Best Bloodwork Labs?

Looking / polling for best experiences from those who regularly do bloodwork independent of their HRT doc, PCP or clinic etc.

In the past I’ve generally either had mine done on site via HRT or at Quest (via MD referral). I’d like to investigate independent lab work that I can perform routinely - appreciate your inputs on who you’ve used and why.


Private MD. Easy, no questions, results emailed directly to you and they accept my flex spend card. Need to have a LabCorp nearby though

Great suggestion, on their site now.

Which test panel(s) are you getting? Seems the Anabolic Steroid Panel is the most comprehensive?

But expensive if I remember right. I usually do an “al a carte” selection. Total test, free availalbe test, E2 sensitive, anything you want

I’ve done labcorp once but it seems a bit confusing. They have a few testosterone tests but don’t mention which ones go past the 1500 range.

This site does. You have to read the description

Imedical, in Aus, private pathology, no judgement, no doctor’s visits.

Receptionists at blood collection office know what’s up though.

Nurse person “Try not to lift anything heavy for a day… If that’s possible for you”

Me “yeet”