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Best Blackout Story


weve all had them and obviously dont remember them until our friends fill us in on what happened or you just wake up in some random spot surrounded by evidence of what you did the night before but its always entertaining and you should share.

i dont want to waste your time with my stories, but all ill say is that i showed up for a date with a girl blackout drunk and she surprisingly never wanted to see me again.


Which leads me to...

How do you know?


I can honestly say I have never blacked out.


I was stabbed to death. :slightly_smiling: Woke up in the hospital where I was told what happened to me.

Tip- don't fight people when you don't remember leaving the bar. :smiley:


friends third person accounts of your debauchery and or piecing together evidence hangover style.

my friends have always been very good about filling me in about all the stupid shit ive done when im drunk from exposing myself, calling myself 'megatron' and telling everyone that i was the true king of cybertron, punching a storefront window insisting i could break it at finger length like uma thurman in kill bill, and or jumping out of a moving cab.


actually had a friend that happened too, beat up a guy at a concert for hitting on his date, later got jumped by five guys and woke up in a hospital bed with no memory of what happened beyond the initial hit to the back of his head.


you my friend havent lived.


lol Nope I used to do more partying when I was in HS, but I could never drink enough to pass out.


Yeah i blacked out once when drunk, woke up in a coma 4weeks later, some crazy random thought it would be could to attack me from behind. The booze actually saved my life :stuck_out_tongue:


watch out guys, we have a badass over here.


When I was 19 or 20 I went too Oktoberfest and drank to much wine and knew I was severely fucked up by about 7:30PM, so I left and waited for the bus, but fell asleep (aka: "blacked out") and woke up just in time for my bus...but it was the last one of the night at that...about 1:30AM, so I;d been sleeping on the ground next to the bus stop in downtown Winnipeg for about 5 hours.
Still had my wallet and all organs still inside my body!


I fixed this for you.


Wait, you went to Oktoberfest and drank WINE? And you call yourself Canadian.


Not a blackout. You simply fell asleep.


yeah, I guess you're right. I guess I was thinking of it like passing out.


I think I had a good reason at the time. I think I'd had beer the night before or something and that I'd started with wine at a buddy's house and didn't want to mix.
Trust me...I've spilt more beer than most have ever drunk!


I've only blacked out once, I think I was 23. I've also only fondled fake breasts while fingering a girl during a bachelorette party once, too. Unfortunately, these things happened at the same time, and I don't remember.

Apparently I was only blacked out for a few minutes, but it was the most critical few minutes of the night. I remember the girl (a bridesmaid, I assume?) talking to me at length about her implants as the flirting intensified amongst her bachelorette friends. The next thing I remember, my group was saying goodbye as the bachelorette party got into their limo and left. It seemed that I and another dude got cockblocked by some forlorn member of our party, and the ladies had somewhere else to be. But then I smelled the unmistakable scent of vag on my fingers and wonder what all I missed and how I was unable to get it to continue.

Oh well.


Jesus. I could kill the fucking thread with freshman and sophmore year of college. Not bragging.

Hmmm, my first real experience blacking out was freshman year in high school. I woke up with piss all over my closet floor, must've thought I was in the bathroom.

My stories range from waking up next to fat chicks, to crashing in to a tree in a front yard of the most prominent neighborhood in Houston, with the homes personal security gaurd checking my vitals and popping a totalled truck off the tree and hauling ass...

To the downright ugly by shooting out street lights with a .45 in the middle of Houston.

Most recently, a few weeks ago, I was out with some friends. We were drinking much more than normal for these days (we're getting kinda old and the hangovers really do last longer) and the next thing I know it's morning, I wake up in a strange room I've never seen all by myself and my pants are no where to be found.

I have no idea where I am. No pics on a bedstand or anything, just a plain room. I was wondering if I should just walk out in the hall, cock swinging, or if I should stay put in case kids or something like that were wandering the house.

I thought for sure I had at least gotten laid but I eventually wrapped myself in a sheet and went to see what was going on.

Evidently I had just gotten very drunk and wound up getting a ride from a friend of a friend. I passed out in the car and they just put me to sleep at their place. I had barfed on my pants on the way home and his wife graciously put them in the wash for me.

She saw my cock no doubt. Only redeeming aspect of the story. And I paid for them to have their jeep detailed.


Cock blocked by your own crew? Kick that dude out, pronto.


Exactly. He's Canadian, not German.