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Best Birthday Ever


I didn't see porn till I was in high school, let alone a cell phone. Check it out


My question is, why did they have to get a 10-year-old such a fancy phone? A regular cell phone without all the bells and whistles wouldn't have been enough for him?

Not that it would have stopped the text, but it may have prevented him from being able to view it since it was multimedia message.


He is obviously going to be gay.

I never found porn disgusting, even before I was 10.


Haha, that phone's about 10 times better than my POS.


Yeah, I thought that was odd, too. I remember when I was 10, I used to steal Playboys from my next door neighbor. I never thought it was disgusting. I certainly didn't avoid exposure to it.


He's destined for ghey...


Makes me wanna change my number.
-In hopes of getting some porn sent to it-


If this happens to you, call the police...

Fuckin' hell. It wasn't a death threat...


Send me your number, I'll send you some porn.


He feels obligated to say it was gross - he's a little kid dealing with a pretty embarrassing thing in front of his parents.

He's totally going to have issues when he grows up.


What kind of porn was? Girl on Girl? Guy on Girl? 20 guys on one girl? Pterodactyl Porn?

The list is endless. It could have been midgets vomiting on one on another.

And calling the police is only necessary when someone sends you gay porn. That's a felony offense and should be punished through severe beatings.


his parents clearly coached him to say that it was disgusting. I was 7 and cutting out coors light ads from my dad's magazines cause the girls were in bikinis.


Dude every guy would say girls were nasty when we were little kids, I remeber my brother and his friends asking me if I liked girls and I'd say no, although when I was alone I LOVED to watch the playboy channel.


haha...I think we are all guilty of stealing playboys at some point of our lives. And getting caught with them too.


haha, as long as it's along those lines....sign me up!