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Best Biotest Supps for Return to Gym After Car Crash


Three years ago I was involved in a car wreck where a woman in a minivan (texting on her iPhone) doing @45MPH rammed my Xterra while I was at a stop light. The accident left me hospitalized with a concussion, a fractured vertebrae in my lower back, plus two herniated discs. There were epidural injections, drugs and a lot of therapy since.

Now age 55, I’ve been given the all clear to go back to the gym by all doctors involved. Prior to the accident, I was @179lbs at 5’10" and due to inactivity, I’m now at 226lbs. I don’t want to be ‘yuge,’ I just want to get back to where I was pre-accident. I was lifting for an hour 3x a week and treadmill HIIT on three of the other days and returning to this with as much intensity as possible is my goal (plus getting back down to @175 to take pressure off my lower back).

I know I have to ease back into this and as part of it, am wondering, with the current 20% sale, what BioTest supps should I stock up on. For example, would Indigo-35 help me or be of no use…etc? I fully intend to have my whole food nutrition dialed in, so no worries there. Just looking for advice as to what Biotest supplements to stock up on.


Welcome back, MicroSlash! It’s always nice to see familiar names come back. Glad things are on the up and up for you, as well.

Indigo-3G would definitely help. It’s pretty impressive in terms of improving body composition and carb tolerance. If you use it, just make sure you do eat plenty of carbs, especially peri-workout, as this will yield the best results. Gotta eat 'em for it to use 'em.

Outside of that, you know workout nutrition is where it all starts. Have you tried Plazma yet? Plazma before and during your workout with Mag-10 post is awesome. I also like to pulse with Mag-10 throughout the day. (I found pulse feasting to be super simple while providing real results.)

With your diet dialed in, that would be an excellent jumping off point. You can always add in Hot-Rox to kick start fat loss again.

Again, welcome back! Oh, and there are also dedicated Biotest forums now too.


Thanks for the feedback, SBT!

Does using Indigo-3G for ‘fat-loss’ have value (given its relatively high price)? Given that I packed on almost 50lbs of ‘pity-weight,’ part of me is thinking that the last thing I need to do is ‘eat more carbs.’ Or does this mean super-healthy carbs like whole grains and green veggies…etc.

Not proud admitting that my waist went from 34" to 42". My mother saw me over Christmas and jokingly asked me “when the baby was due…”


Curcumin, flameout and Plazma.

Walking everyday helps a ton.