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Best "Big" Assistance Exercise for Triceps?

After runnimg BBB for a few cycles ive noticed my triceps are lagging and weak during bench.

What are some good recommendations for a tricep focused exercise on chest and overhead press days of the 531 program? Id like to swap the tricep exercise out for BBB on these days

floor press or dips

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What he said.

Full ramge of motion, allowing arms to touch floor at bottom, keep back flat when extended?

Do your BBB supplemental with close grip (shoulder with) bench. You can either do it on bench day in place of regular bench or on press day in place of the press. You’ll probably have to find the right TM for close grip bench, realistically it will be a good 10-20% lower than regular bench.
Also do dips as assistance on one of the two upper days.

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On floor presses, I pause about a second at the bottom. Not good to bump the elbows off the ground.

Thanks guys, will give the close grip bench a shot first

I like floor press with a pause, and if you have gymnastic rings, doing dips on them. The additional bonus on the gymnasti ring dips is the amount of stability work you also get.