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Best Bicep/Tricep Workout In Months

I did a bicep/tricep superset workout this morning and it was so good I had to share. I normally don’t train opposing muscle groups together but perform these as a superset. Here it is exactly.

  1. Straight barbell preacher curl
    E-z bar overhead extensions 3x9

  2. Dumbell conc. curl
    Close grip incline bench press 3x8

  3. Standing dumbell curls
    shoulder width cable pressdown 3x8

  4. Incline hammer curls
    Dumbell skullcrushers 1x7

Move from bicep to tricep exercises with no rest. On dumbell curls I do 1 arm at a time then the other. This way I can also spot myself-very handy. Same with dumbell skullcrushers. Question or comments welcome.

how many sets and reps of each exercise?

[quote]2ms wrote:
how many sets and reps of each exercise?[/quote]

re read the post… its there. 3x8, 3x9 etc.

The numbers to the right of the exercises indicate sets and reps. 3x8 means three sets of 8 reps.

Just keep in mind whenever doing any muscle specific routine (like trying to bring up a lagging body part) remember to hit both, fast and slow twitch fibers.

*and don’t forget about static exercises

I do stuff like this too. Good pump. Try some reverse curls at the end. Good times!