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Best Beyond 531 Template For Body Recomposition

Rather than throw myself a pity party or bore you guys with my life story and excuses, I’ll be brief. Weighing in at 316 pounds at 30 or 35+ body fat, I’m a six foot two twenty something male with a year of serious lifting experience. My modified lifts are as followed.

Squat: 170 5 x 4
Bench: 140 5 x 4
Deadlift 230 5 x 4
Overhead Press: 85 5 x 4

In the spirit of the 531 philosophy, I wanted to go low. Granted my actual lifts aren’t that much better.

Squat: 220 1x1
Bench: 175 1x1
Deadlift: 300 1x1
Overhead Press: 105 1x1

I’m about to finish my first cycle of BBB, but I’m running into a problem. My quads or hamstrings can’t handle paused squats or front squats 5 x 10 right after squatting. Other than that I like the BBB template. However, since I’m trying to lose 136 pounds, I know building muscle would close to futile. Going over Beyond 531 S.S.S (Singles.Size.Speed), Beyond 531, and Advanced 531 all look like great candidates for me to use

Any advice would be appreciated.

  • 5’s PRO, 5x5 FSL, 3-4 days/week, bodyweight assistance, if you can’t do some movements with bodyweight alter them (inverted rows rather than chin-ups, for example). You should be supersetting all these movements with EVERY warm-up, work and FSL set of the main lift. So every day is technically full-body training.

  • Air Dyne or something similiar, 5-7 days/week

  • Mobility work, 7 days/week

Vast majority of body comp will be accomplished with diet. Take the weight loss SLOW and develop good habits. Habits are heresy in the fitness world because they don’t sell. But they work. Good luck.


Why the switch to to 5’s Pro if you don’t mind me asking? Originally I was thinking of doing SSS and just cutting the hypertrophy phase momentarily, going with 5 Pro’s for my assistance. Also when you say supersetting all these movements, do you mean press then dip then chins then back to press for 5 x 5 and FSL 5 x 5?

Because it’s the best way to gain strength or maintain it when drastically reducing body weight. Superseding means you are set of one movement. Then you do another movement. And then back to the original movement.

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I didn’t think of that.

Thanks for the help, Jim. I just got one more question for you. Well, two more, but here they are. One why bodyweight assistance over weights? Two if you had to choose between Boring But Big and Singles Speed Size, which would you choose for strength and hypertrophy?

Thanks again for the advice and the for creating a great program.

“Two if you had to choose between Boring But Big and Singles Speed Size, which would you choose for strength and hypertrophy?” Neither.

Brother, I gotta call you out on this. You have a 105 press and squat 220. I’m not tearing on you about those numbers. Anyone who knows me, has read my shit knows I tell EVERYONE never to be ashamed of the work you’ve put in.

But you are not listening to anything I’m saying. I told you what to do. SSS, Beyond 5/3/1 and Advanced 5/3/1 are all for HIGH level lifters. You are not a high level lifter.

You can choose to get pissy about this like 99% of people get when I write something that doesn’t stroke their tiny cock and ego. Or you can say, “Someone who has some credibility has given me advice and now it’s up to me to make it happen.”

I am so goddamn frustrated right now. Do the work! Make your goals happen. I WANT you to listen so you succeed.


I am listening though. I apologize if I’m demonstrating other wise. My mistake was worrying about future lifts and programming, that I’m not looking at my current lifts and experience as a litter. Again I must commend you for your patience and willingness to offer me help.

Any favorites besides the AirDyne? I only have access to the “normal” stuff… Treadmill, various bikes, elliptical, etc.

Thank you in advance, Jim.

Run. Any fuckturd who tells you running “makes you skinny/weak” is a fat-ass who shames himself every morning when he looks in the mirror.

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Much appreciated, Jim! Will drop the “running is bad” dogma and move my tubby ass daily!