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Best/Better Chemistry Textbook


Hey, just started first year chemistry, and while the textbook for the course is ok(some good explanations, some that are vague, wrongs answers that are given for some questions, and only ~10 questions/problems in the whole text for each topic).

I know there are some T-nationers that are very sharp in chemistry, biochemistry, or just sciences in general, so I'm wondering if anyone has come across a textbook/resource that would be:
- accurate in information and answers to problems
- has a good amount of practice problems
- good explanations of topics(I'm a very visual learner, so pictures help me understand better)

The biggest thing for me is getting enough practice with problems so that I have a thorough understanding of the material and the ability to show that.

Here's a link to the text that I have in case you're wondering.



I see the problem: you bought the "Canadian Edition".

Seriously, what were you expecting?


I've got a $300 chemistry book that I couldn't sell back because they updated the edition the semester after I took the class. Let me check it out, I don't really remember what's in it. If you pay shipping I'll give it to you


Is this a mostly conceptual 'chemistry for non-majors' type of course or is it more rigorous general chem filled with pre-meds? Your description of the text has it sounding like the former, but if you've got 3-4 hrs weekly lab as well, it's the latter.

Regardless, I'd def recommend the resources available at that Mastering Chemistry website run by Pearson publishing -- http://masteringchemistry.com -- ideally your prof can provide an access code, and there you'll find plenty of practice problems, tutorials etc.

I've heard even better things about the Mastering Physics content but no first-hand experience on that.


If you wouldn't mind posting which text you have, I'd definitely be interested in checking it out.

There is 3-4 hours of labs/week.

I'll check out that http://masteringchemistry.com/ see if I can procure an access code.

Thanks for the assistance guys.


I live in Canada. I can't do much about which textbook was selected for the class, so I'm outsourcing.


Matty, might also be worthwhile to just email them directly and request access, a free trial, something along those lines. You're a bright guy, I'm sure you could pull that off.



We used this. So does ubc, sfu. Plenty of problems, 100+ per chapter. Mastering chemistry blows for entering answers.


Thanks alot for the link, looks like a very thorough resource.




If anyone cares, I went and picked up some of the Schaum's Outlines and 3000 solved problems.
So far I'm very pleased with the content and format of the outlines.
The 3000 solved problems are still on the way.