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Best Bench Assistance Exercises


whats your oppinion on the best 3 bench assistance exercises??

im gonna go with
close grip bench
skull crushers


Close grip incline on ME Bench day.


I like incline dumbbell press, chest support row and low pin presses.


Not that I'm a big bench guru, but DB Press, Dips and shoulder press.


This will be very individual. For me, military presses, lockout work, and a variety of DB presses.


Chest: close-grip benches, 2-board presses, flat bench press

Shoulders: dumbbell overhead presses, dumbbell bench presses, suspended chain pushups

Lats: Chest-supported rows, pull-ups, bent-over dumbbell or barbell rows, seated rows.

Triceps: pushdowns, various extensions and rack lockouts


read the Dave Tate articles

also there is a "big bench" article on here, which advises rows-bench strength should match row strength



board press
paused benches on chest or floor
lat work in bench press plane

With various boards, grips, and gear, this is really an endless list.

If you are gonna do an extension, only JMs have much carryover.



Bench strength and row strength will almost never be equal. You can try to make them more equal by doing more volume with rows, but weight wise, you're not going to bench 400 and row 400.

Also, if comparing bench strength to row strength, the rows should be done on a chest-supported row machine to best correlate to the bench press.


What about dips on "Olympic Rings?"

I just started doing some exercises using handles suspended on chains from my Power Rack. Any notion I had that I was "getting strong" got blown away when I was doing some dips: my arms were shaking uncontrollably whilst I went up 'n down unless I held them very close to my body. After just a few short sets (much less than my normal weighted dip session), my chest. lats and triceps were fried. I was sore for more than three days - longer than normal for me. I loved it! :slightly_smiling:

Anyone else tried this? If so, does it actually translate to new bench numbers, or is it just another form of intense pain and suffering? :slightly_smiling:



Gotta go with:
Blast Strap Push Ups
Wide Grip Decline
Close Grip Inclines