Best Beginners Cycle

I have been working out now for 4 years, power lifting at best. I just started learning the basic principles of BB. So now my workouts are more focused on pushing with a contraction than with just lifting. I weigh in at 268 lbs, 6’3", with Hazel eyes.
I am going to take SUST in a cycle such as this:

wk7:nothing at all
wk8:clomid 100 mg ED
wk9:50mg ED
wk10:50mg ED

I have read alot of information from this site, steroids for dummies and all newbie threads the information is vast and knowledgable. My question is now, is this a good cycle for me, with or with out nolva? Only because i see you guys talk about it from both sides of th coin. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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You could run the Sustanon, but I’d go with Enanthate if you can get it.

IMHO its much better to go with medium length or even short length esters for a cycle as short as this one. Also it is pretty much a general attitude on this forum that pyramiding is a waste of time. To get levels to a substantial amount you should frontload (use around double your normal weekly dose) for the first week and then go with your normal dosage, in your case 500mg for the rest of the cycle.

Good work on waiting to start pct and then actually starting it… that said you might want to look a bit more into pct as I believe there are better programs than what you had. Best of luck!!

So what does that mean; I should front load with 500 mg and then go to 250 for the last two?

Also should I use nolva?

Speed is enanthate better?
I ask cause I heard that sust is a blend of four tests. Which would be better than one wouldn’t?

This cycle seems to be short you said this was recommended by the guy I got it from. So is it wrong, I have ten amps of sust and 30 tabs of clomid. If you have a better way of cycling this tell me please, and 120 tabs of clen.
Thanks for the information in advance.

Hazel eyes? What is this? A personal ad? Sorry, couldn’t resist. I don’t have any advice-not knowledgable enough about steroids. But you should get good info from the people here.

well i’d suggest you get more gear but if this is what is available then i think your best option would be to front the sust at 1000 and then 500 the next week then 250 the following 4. I’d say this is the best you could do with what you have. Ideally you would have 4 more amps and run it at 1000 first week and 500 the following 5.

[quote]ballztothewall wrote:

is enanthate better?[/quote]

Don’t know about better, but with enanthate your levels will be more stable.

Haha, you beat me to it as I was wondering the same thing.

[quote]jsbrook wrote:
Hazel eyes? What is this? A personal ad? Sorry, couldn’t resist. I don’t have any advice-not knowledgable enough about steroids. But you should get good info from the people here.[/quote]

if sust is all that is available, then frontload 1000 mg week one, and follow up with 500 mg/week for the remainder of the cycle. IMO, 6 weeks is a little too short to be running such long esters.

single estered tests make it much easier to maintain stable blood levels, which usually means less sides, and better gains. to keep stable blood levels with sust, you really should be injecting EOD…at minimum E3D.

your PCT looks okay, although you should wait more than 1 week before you start…18 days after you last injection start your PCT. the esters in sust have very long half-lives.

as far as your question about the nolva. definately at least have some “on hand”. i prefer to run a low dose of anti-e’s when on anything that aromatizes…others differ. at least have some in your possession.

if you don’t use it in your cycle, you can add it to your 3 week PCT:

100 clomid, 40 nolva
50 clomid, 20 nolva
50 clomid, 20 nolva


you could try running a PCT similar to mikekatz’s with 2 weeks of clomid followed by 2 weeks of nolva.

either way, you should think about adding supplements like ZMA, TRIBEX and/or Alpha Male to your PCT.

good luck.

Thank you for the information. So how many more amps do I need then?

And for next time what would be a better cycle with less risk and better reward, so to speak.

If it were me, I wouldn’t even bother running a cycle with just 10 amps of sustanon.
I really don’t understand why sustanon is frequently touted as being the best test out there. To be effective it needs to be shot eod and cycled for no less than 8-10 weeks to derive the full benefit of the decanoate and isocaproate esters.
Your cycle should be reconstructed. I’d probably do something like this:
Wk1-750mg sust
Wk2-750mg sust
Wk3-Wk7-500mg sust
Wk11-Wk14-PC Therapy
I would definitely suggest having some nolvadex/arimidex/letrozole on hand, but hold off on using it unless gyno symptoms appear.


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Yeah sort of but obviously I didn’t believe his advice If I came here to see what you real straight forward people think. I thank juice for helping me with everything, he gave me alot of information and was willing to help no questions asked. And for all other beginners out there, Sust is not the best, Ive learned alot from these guys so just read alot and dont hesitate to pm these guys, they are willing to help, as long as your not stupid of course. I will return with the outcome.