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Best Beginner Prep School Supplemental for Presses?

Ok I would like to know
The best supplemental or volume thingy
To add, that gives the best results from your experience

I failed presses(my tm was set right, it’s just that it’s a overhead press)

I can do Pr set after my 5’s
7-10x5 Fsl

Best for overhead press and bench press just in case

Why don’t you just do what the program calls for?

Also, what does this mean?

Or this

Or this?
7-10 extra supplementary sets would be mental. I’m not sure what you mean by 5x5/3/1 But I suspect it’s also not a great idea.

Why don’t you just do the proven and successful program as written?

That is the program!!!

If a lifter stalls in a lift (and this always happens to the bench press and press), I offer these solutions:
• Back up three cycles and repeat.
• Back up three cycles and start pushing last set for a PR or a goal set. This doesn’t mean you go crazy on the last set and let your form go to hell. I only recommend they do this ifthere technique is sound.
• Back up three cycles and increase the volume of the supplemental work {7-10x5 @ FSL).
• Back up three cycles and perform 5x5/3/1 (see this book for explanation).
• Back up three cycles and use SSL (see this book for explanation).

I’m wondering which supplemental gave the best results in increasing bench press and overhead press from your experience


I’ve only done options one and two and the only answer I can give has already been provided by Jim. If you can push rep PR’s without letting form go to shit, do that. If not, stick with your 5’s PRO.

In my limited experience (press has never been a strong lift for me), I’ve always found more volume and training more focussed on a pump in the shoulders to be what pushes my press up but YMMV.

I also don’t think my shoulders could take 7-10 sets of FSL presses, but I’ve never tried it.

I think i’ll try fsl 10x5. Just because it’s allowed and also it’s like that in the hard gainers program on T-nation.

On second thought i’ll just go with the pr set
I might not need that much volume

Only thing i need is food

how did it go?

It went great I got stronger from adding in a pr set for presses.

sweet - so you just did the PR set on the 3rd set right ? and that helped progress your previous failed weight?

btw did you ever do the 7th week TM test?