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Best Bed to Get?


Long overdue for a new one. Can't spend a fortune, although might be willing to pay a little extra if it is truly worth it. Seems like the traditional box spring is out of the picture. Memory foam and sleep # get a lot of hype, but again cann't really spend mucho $. I do want to get king size. Any recommendations?


Or you could just out some effort in and find a new bed to sleep in every night...


Our experience with a platform bed, traditional mattress, and a memory foam topper is that the memory foam is OK in the winter, but in the summer it's much softer so you sink down more and it's HOT. My husband thinks it's causing neck pain.

We're looking to change. Not an inexpensive option, but you might want to look into flobeds.com. You customize all the components, and they will switch them out if it doesn't work for you. Our neighbors love theirs, so we're considering switching before the weather turns warm again. I like the fact that they use natural fibers like wool.


sleep number. Plus there are a bunch of old threads about this, you may get some good info on.


sleep number is worth the dough.


^ Lol figures same time and everything.


Temperpedic is the shit.


I agree with the sleepnumber. My wife and I have had it for years and love it.

I have not met a single person who has one and does not love it.


I've never slept in a sleep number, but maybe someday.

  1. Go to a mattress store.

  2. Find the mattresses in your budget.

  3. Lay on them.

  4. Buy your favorite.




So the Queen Ann then?


Google "making a platform bed." No box spring needed.


I have the Dr. Breuss signature. The tempurpedics weren't as good, and I didn't like the idea of having 'options' as in Sleep Number, because it seemed like too much hassle.

It's latex, and it beat the shit out of the Tempurs. I like it.