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Best BCAA?


Hey Folks,
Just trying to get the opinion out there of what kind of BCAA's youre taking/ which do you recommend. I spent some time in a Vitamin Shoppe (not by choice) and was trying to search through their products trying to find a clean product (meaning no soy - hopefully no sucralose or added sugar). Just trying to see what the recommendation is out there for some what clean+ heavy on the grams BCAA.
Thanks for your help.


I think the one from this site is decent, but I havn't bought it yet.

I used BioX Nitro Rush, which sounds like a bunch of bull buts its just BCAAs. I got it on sale pretty cheap.

What are the cheapest sources of BCAAs anyone has come across?


In the past, I've taken Biotest's BCAAs. No problems at all after getting used to the size of the tablets (they were a bit larger than I expected). 3.6 grams BCAA per 6 pills.


Yeah thats the problem I am having is also with price. To get to 10g, recommended dose for LG, Im swallowing a lot of frigging pills and or drinking a lot of shakes. Im just trying to see whats recommended as most bang for your buck.


Get Biotest's Leucine powder and just take 5g with every meal.


I like chained out mix with water good taste, but kinda high $45 for 60 servings. Damn good taste!!


Modern BCAA has treated me well, very high leucine dosage and is somewhat cost effective. I'd imagine the Biotest products would be excellent as well even without having tried them.


Modern BCAA powder by USP is my choice as well....10g of bcaa's per serving....8g of leucine. Cost isn't bad either.


Fo' sho'.


Ajipure is a good brand


I used to use Optimum Nutrition's BCAA powder. Very inexpensive, and you can mix it with anything, I used to mix with Crystal Light (no carbs, practically no cals). I still keep an occassional container around for my girlfriend, or when I can only fit one scoop of Met Drive into my daily numbers, I'll throw in an extra 5g of BCAA powder with it. I mostly use MAG-10 during the day though, whereas my former approach was to sip on water spiked with the BCAA powder when dieting.



And it mixes very well with water.


Ok along the same lines currently I use the following supplements:

ON Whey Protein - after workout
ON Casein Protein - before bed
Scifit ZMA - before bed
VPX Shotgun - 30 minutes prior to workout
VPX Synthasize - during workout
Multi vitamin - twice a day
Fish oil - once a day

The question is should I also be taking a separate BCAA supplement? Thanks in advance.


I use Xtend - the lemonade flavour is amazing! Although it does have sucrolose. It costs about 45 for a months supply


I liked EXTEND also. I'm giving Optimum 2222 liquid and Optimum BCAA micronized chewables a try now. So far I like them equal and its cheaper. The liquid contains a blend of EAA,CAA, & NAA.


Protein or fat cals? Weird.


i think they use maltodextrin, so maybe trace cals there?


Slightly off topic...but I just received my order of Biotest BCAA pills, only to find that the serving size for 3.6g is 6 pills and not 3 pills, as advertised on the website. That means the price per serving is twice as much...in case any of you are like me and pay attention to price/serving when reviewing supplements. Also, the bottle comes with 240 pills and not 250 pills, as advertised on the website.


Used to use Scivation Xtend, I'm currently using Controlled Labs Purple Wrath. I get some additional BCAA's from the Animal Pak multi-vitamin too. If I'm using morning cardio I will use just a scoop of L-Leucine.


I take BCAA 6000 by Bodies Black Line.

6 tablets give you 9.8g of BCAA's. A bottle comes with 180 tablets for 20-22 bucks, depending on store.