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Best BCAA Usage

whats the best way to use BCAA’s?

Should i just use it how its recommended on the bottle?

Standard recommendation for BCAA usage in boosting muscle gains are first thing upon waking (halting catabolism), before and after intense weight lifting session (ramping up recovery), and at bedtime (again halting catabolism during long fast).

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I take my BCAA around my workouts in dosages of about 25-30 grams.

so 4-6 in the morning…4-6 before workout (Surge throughout workout)…and the post workout Surge with 4-6 more bcaas sounds good?

im also taking ZMA now…just about to start tonight…gonna take it and then drink my protein shake about 1 hour and a half later and then sleep…everything sound good?

Sounds like a good plan from what I’ve read.