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Best BCAA Intra Workout?


choosing between Modern BCAA and xtend. which is better in terms of recovery and building muscles?


Actually, a good diet is.

And you are comparing two products with practically the same ingredient.


I'm a big fan of Xtend.


I like AST BCAA 4500. Pill form and pretty darn cheap.


modern bcaa mixes horribly, would not buy again.


given that it does not mixes well, how do you rate it in terms of revory and building muscle?


modern bcaa tastes like shit and mixes horribly...xtend tastes great and mixes great..all flavors are good.


I dunno, could never get it down cuz it was too gross. Xtend ftw.


The new Xtend formula looks like it will be very good intra workout, even better than their current one.


x2 on this....xtend is pretty tough to beat in this category


I've been using whey isolate peri-workout but I've been curious about trying BCAA instead, so I've been looking at the two brands mentioned. Xtend has artificial colors added, while Modern doesn't. Based on that, I will go with modern if I experiment with BCAA.

I've had it with all the products that are artificially colored. Yeah, I'm sure a little artificial food coloring doesn't hurt anything, but when you're taking 3 or 4 products a day with artificial colors, you've moved beyond just 'a little'. It's nice when your protein drink tastes good, but who gives a damn what color it is? Buy an opaque shaker cup if you can't handle the thought of drinking a product that isn't brightly colored. I wish manufacturers would stop using artificial food colorings when there are good alternatives (beet extract, for example). If my protein drink is fluorescent green, it doesn't help my training at all. I'm drinking it for the nutrition, not because it looks like Kool Aid. Remember when weight training was a healthy activity? Now it's about selling garbage products to teenagers.



Weird, I love Modern BCAA and find it mixes perfectly. You do have to follow the directions pretty closely and even slight frigid water will affect the mix-ability. That being said, you really can't go wrong with Xtend, I'll have to look up the new formula.


Can't go wrong with Xtend. It taste great as well. GL


tried modern bcaa, i added a little lime juice and some stevia and it honestly tasted amazing for a bcaa.

took a long time to mix, but did eventually mix clear