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Best Bang for Buck PWO?


I can get hold of either Surge (908g) or Surge Recovery (1488g). Surge recovery is also cheaper :slightly_smiling:

What is the difference between the two?

I am looking for something post workout, at the moment I am just drinking whey protein shakes after my workouts.


I never knew there were two different types of Surge, unless the Surge Recovery is the new one with more servings.

Either way, as a [poor] college student, I use my meal plan to get a strawberry milk and a strawberry protein shake for my post workout shake.

I dont recover as well as I did with Surge, but I'll make due for now.


These are the same product.

The 908 gram size is the old size for the original flavor, whereas the other is a current size.


Thanks for the quick replies.
I'll get the bigger cheaper one then :smiley: