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Best Back

Allright, let’s decide this once and for all. Who has the best back ever in bodybuilding? Franco Columbu, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman?

Ronnie Coleman.
He is a FREAK!..You could argue that the others look better from the front, but when it comes to back its an easy call.

Did you see the fucking pictures from last year’s Olympia? Ronnie’s back has shit going on in that back the others never had. Width, detail, thickness, depth (i mean how low the lats hang, where they insert from), everything. And I bet those big DLs had a lot to do with it. Ronnie Coleman, undisputable, then Yates, then maybe Colombu.

I’ve always been partial to the look the older generation of bodybuilders developed, like Draper or Pearl.

man, just check him out as he’s doing his workout (the video)… i was blown away. felt depressed almost haha :slight_smile:

Actually I think Columbu’s back is best. It certainly is very wide and the most detailed I’ve ever seen. I also prefer Yates’ back over Colemans, his conditioning is so much better and it’s almost as if he were made out of stone. Then again I haven’t seen any pics of Coleman from 2003…