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Best Avatars


I happen to like mine a lot. Let's see some others...and no I will not change to any suggestions... :wink:


I put mine up for nomination.


I say the avatars I had a year ago were better than yours. I had variety. If you wanted boobs, I had boobs. If you wanted violence, I had violence. If you had sick demented stuff, I had sick demented stuff (ask Vader).

My vote goes for Indy.




anything with lots of tits and ass.


Yeah, you easily had the best avatars, Wol. Plus, you were consistent.

No contest.


I think Wol's avatars in general are the best.

I like my avatar because I think it is fucked up when I say something filthy with that cute little baby face.


I had a lot of pm's about this one ... i've only had two in the 4 years I've been on this site so ... yea .. but I put swinging tits up for nomination


I don't get why this is funny/deserves to be even considered best avatar.


I see why it's funny. Cuz the man uses the SHIT out of some telepromters. I'd assumed that was self-evident; but that's what I get for assuming.


Actually, it's the addition of the Cabbage patch kid that puts me over the edge.



Yeah, that sounds like something 'ol Jack Burton would say...


2 votes for me! Suck it, headhunter!


Alright I changed mine just to through my hat in the ring.

The great Mr. Cash. This mural was on the side of Bender's in Denver, where my band's last gig was played.


Thank you. :slightly_smiling: Hmmmm....Jchenky's new one (the one with the fruit) made me lol. So yah, hmm I nominate that one.


Whoa, it ain't over, til it's over!

I'm still waiting for my fanbase to vote for my avatar. Then YOU can suck it!

Where are all the LankyMofo fanboys at?


Heheheheh I love the way you think seriously :slight_smile:


OH yeah! Thanks for the vote Bicep :slight_smile:


you're welcome.


Kiss ass.

And to LankyMofo: We'll see who wins. You may have Bob Sagat on your side, but I built my entire popularity base from my avatars.

I was like that one chick in middle school whose boobs suddenly grew over the summer. I'm rocking Double D's now and I'm not wearing a bra, mother fucker. (I just ate pancakes, so I'm hyper)