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Best Author for Fast Fat Loss

Just wanted some opinions on which author here on T-Nation you guys think is the best for fat loss diets and routines. Could be a combination, who’s best for diet and who’s best for rountines, there’s so much info here, was just hoping some of you more experienced could help me save some time and trouble, any help’s greatly appreciated

They’re all pretty good, but I tend to pay extra attention to Christian Thibaudeau since he started chubby and got thin, rather than starting thin and getting big.

Don’t forget Chris Shugart, who was also a FFB like CT.

Check out Cosgrove’s stuff.

Thanks guys, I decided to go with the Anabolic diet (feel great!!) and I made my own routine, using a combination of many things I’ve read here on T-Nation. I know it’s not recommended, but I don’t think it that crazy… you guys can check it out in the beginner thread under “Tear my routine a new one” if you like.

Thanks again!!