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Best Atari Game?


Young whipper snappers need not post...with you playstations and hip-hop...smokin' drugs and bad mouthin' your country(ha,ha...got carried away)

Seriously, what is the best Atari 2600 game ever. I bought one off of Ebay a few years ago to relive my youth. Gotta love activision...keystone capers, pitfall, and star master are some of the best.

You gotta love ET and Indiana Jones. I still can't figure out what the fuck those games are about.


I thought that missle command on the 2600, almost looked like the arcade version.


I still have my Atari 2600, and almost 50 games. Haha. For single-player game, Star Raiders (with the nifty Video Touch Pad). For multi-player, Combat. Missile Command was pretty good. Haunted House was scary, it was a game I was really "into"! Super Breakout ruled.

I never had Indiana Jones. E.T. was a tough game for a 6-year-old that I was at the time to figure out, but I managed to "beat" it. Pitfall! was the first 2600 game I ever played, but it doesn't have a special place in my heart. I hate running and jumping in one direction forever and feeling like wherever "there" was, I'll never get there.

As for Activision games, that helicopter game, Chopper Command? was my favorite. I'm not nuts about the other ones.


Thanks! That made my day-so far.

What really bugged me was that in baseball, if you threw from 3rd base to 1st base it took longer than if you threw from 3rd to 2nd to 1st. At least I think it was supposed to be baseball.


I don't remember if this one was for Atari or not, but I think it was.

Kaboom! That guy got going pretty fast. I used to love that game.

I think I was able to use a different paddle too. The one you spin the top back and forth to move right and left only.


Space Invaders. Those crazy things coming closer and closer to the bottom of the screen...man, that was intense.


Star Raiders or River Raid

Or Track and Field.

Or Yars Revenge.


Gotta go with the proven classic, Pitfall.


I'm considered Young i guess....19 But I grew up with an Atari and I'll definitely have to go with Space Invaders, or Missile Command.


2600? I'd second (or third) those who mentioned Star Raiders, Combat and Missile Command.

When I saw the title of the thread though, the one name that lept to mind was Tempest. Definitely one of the best shoot'em up arcade game of all time.


As a kid, I loved Adventure. And, I'm sorry, but ET sucked. Big time. Indiana Jones was okay, but overly complicated--damn tsetse flies.

I also liked Combat and Hauted House. Another two-player game I enjoyed was the orinal Mario Bros.

I can't think of anymore off the top of my head.

Atari rocks,


Missle Command

There was a game I can't remember the name of. Basically you shot crap that fell down from the top of the screen rapidly (unlike Space Invaders). I remember some of the falling stuff resembled mutated chocolate chip cookies.


Pitfall & Missile Command were my favorites.


ET may have sucked, but at the time I think I was still taking baths with a set of GI Joe's and transformers. That game kept me glued to the screen for hours (even though I don't know what the point of that game actually was)...just like Pac Man.

In fact, the fact that none of you mentioned the legendary game of Pac Man makes me wonder about a few of you.


Speaking of Pac Man, you have to admit that Ms. Pac Man was better.

No, it wasn't the pink bow on her head, but the changing, more challenging levels. I played that longer than any game I can remember.

None of my friends could get past the level I was at.

My wife still plays Pac Man. We have a flashplayer version on our desktop. It keeps playing the same level over and over, and repeats after getting a key.

She plays it constantly...still. I guess that's why I didn't think of it as an Atari game.


Jungle Hunt, Q-Bert, The Empire Strikes Back game with the speeders.

There was one game that I never quite understand. I dont recall the name of it but you could win $500,000 for the first person to figure out how to win. I always wanted to get through that.

But I dont know if that was 2600 or not....


Yea, that was called astroblast. And near the end there was a game called Joust where you rode on flying ostriches.


Oh yea, and Berzerk was pretty good too.

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!


how 'bout race. I don't know why, but I would play that game for hours. Dogfight was pretty good with choices of a monoplane, biplane and I think a quadrahexaplane too:) or jets.


Er, have you ever played Pac-Man on the 2600? I don't think you did, 'cause if you had, you'd know why no one ever mentioned it. The ghosts flickered so badly, you could hardly see them and had trouble telling when they were blue. The music was atrocious. Not to mention that the maze was all wrong. Calling that game Pac-Man was like calling Pong a faithful Arkanoid clone.

I'm sure that in a "Worst 2600 Game?" thread, it would get mentioned repeatedly.