Best Assistance Exercises for Stabilizer Muscles?

Currently I am doing 531-2nd 2 day templaye. As Assistance I am doing:

  1. Chin ups
  2. Good Mornings
  3. Dips
  4. Dumbell Rows
    However my trainer tells me I should add exercises for the stabilizer muscles. Exercises like superman, latera or frontal plank.
    Is this legit advice or will I be wasting my time? If yes, which are some good exercises for 531.

No need for supermans if you’re doing effective good mornings. Planks are fine, if you can do ab rollouts those are better.

So, add a few sets of rollouts and you’ve added about 2 minutes of time to your workout and satisfied your trainer. Win-win?

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FWIW Superman’s are a less than optimal exercise for the spine. Stuart McGill has research showing it cause compression in the lumbar discs several times higher than what is considered safe by OSHA. As mentioned, there are much better and safer ways to work the back muscles.

ask you trainer which muscles aren’t being hit by your 4 main movements and that assistant template. Or just get rid of that trainer.


If you are paying your trainer, shouldn’t he tell you what exercises to do for stabilizer muscles?


You can add a bunch of different core movements or just work up to owning a Turkish get up with 1/2 bodyweight. Your shoulder, upper back and hip stability will benefit as well. Lots of birds with one stone.