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Best Arimidex Protocol for EOD Dosing? Low SHBG

As the title says, my shbg is on the lowish side and I do better with EOD dosing. BUT it drives my e2 up for some reason.

I have tried lowering my test dose, but still can’t seem to dial it in as best I feel I could.

I know the ramifications of too low e2 and arimidex (thanks alpha gunner), but what would an arimidex protocol look like with an EOD protocol? Could I get by with dosing it twice a week?

Why do you want to suppress E2?

Because it’s too high and I don’t get benefits from TRT. But that’s not my question.

Can someone help with dosing of arimidez for and EOD trt protocol?

What’s your current test dose for eod? What do your labs looks like to confirm your T,T, FT and e2 numbers?

15mg EOD. TT was 750, FT was high (out of range) and E2 sens. was 49.

When I reduce test amount, say 10mg EOD, I don’t feel as good. I’d like to try a little ai as I have some on hand… so, again:

Can someone tell me how to dose arimidex for an EOD test protocol?



I found taking an AI EOD to be too much to often especially if you are an over-responder, I would take anastrozole no more than every 3-4 days. I found aromasin to be better as its slower acting and takes 3-4 days to reach full effectiveness which makes it perfect for twice weekly dosing.

I cut up the 25mg aromasin into 1/10’s and take it twice weekly.

Going by what systemlord said, 25 mg aromasin roughly equal to 1 mg of arimidex. So start with 0.1 mg arimidex 2X per week. This is where I would start too, BTW.

Thanks guys. I will likely tinker a bit.

How’s your body fat percentage would you estimate? Dropping body fat, improving gut health and liver health are the top 3 days you can reduce test to e conversion.

Id say I’m fairly lean,. Very muscular. But bf I’d guess is around 10-12%.

What is SHBG on the lowish side? A number…

To that point, if you’re E is over the lab range you could reasonably conclude that your Free Estrogen is likewise very high. Just because you go EOD and/or use such a small amount of Cyp does not mean that you can always control E thru that method, control enough to not need an AI, I mean.

I over aromatase and have to use 12.5mg Daily of Aromasin even using just 16mg/D of Cyp. I have a theory that I have applied to myself that your E2 Sensitive should mirror your SHBG #. My SHBG is 12 at last test and I’m doing the best Ive ever done with my E2 in the single digits. If it’s affordable for you you should add a test “Estradiol, Free”, it can be an eye opener for the low SHBG guy.
As another way to look at it, SHBG binds to E, just like it does to T, which is my point about Free T being so high.

My e2 is 49 sensitive and SHBG was 19. I just think it could be lower… so I tried going less test, like 10mg EOD and I felt weak and crappy.

So I think I need to get the test back up a bit into the 750 range, but lower e2 with an ai.