Best Approach for Sustanon 250?

Hi there,

I am about to start TRT Treatment with Sustanon 250. My starting dose is 1ml every 2 and a half weeks. I assume this is a normal dose.

Would you say its fine injecting with a 27G needle (0.4mm) Or would you suggest going larger? I was planning on injecting in my thigh. I am pretty lean so I assume it would go in Sub Q? I have 5’8 needles too which i could use.

As for getting blood work done to check blood /t levels, how often would you say getting them completed?

Is it 250mg per mL? That will not likely get you where you need to be. 250mg (mL is a volume, not a dose) every 2 weeks to 10 days would likely be better. Bloods after 8 weeks, or a little more, on shot day before the shot. 27ga works fine. It will likely be shallow IM in the thigh.

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Go IM in the ventroglute, and 27g is fine. Thats what I use. Injecting in the Thigh is not subq

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I think most will agree this is probably not a good idea. I’d at least do once a week, 150mg’ish a week, something like that. A lot of people do better splitting it to 2-3x a week but I don’t have a lot of experience with Sustanon, it’s kind of a weird one with all the different Esters mixed into one vial and not common in the US

With the long ester (Undecanoate? Decanoate? Can’t remember) 2 weeks is actually fine for many guys after you build it it up for a few months. But every two weeks only got me to 479 total, and it is a lot cheaper for me to use cyp or enanthate so I switched. Sustanon is fairly smooth and I liked it, just not enough to pay 3x the money.

Ah gotcha. I guess whatever works… I’d still start at once a week probably if it were me but obviously if you can inject less and get the same results then why not?

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I doubt every two and a half weeks with 250mg will get you where you want to be.

The longer ester, deconate, is 100mg with the shorter ester, propionate, being 30mg. The other two middle range esters are 60mg each. That’s per mL. Given those dosages, I’d take it weekly and maybe every ten days.

I took it, 250mg once weekly, as part of an AAS cycle a long time ago. I don’t know anyone who uses it for TRT and I’d say that is due to the reasons hardartery mentioned above.

A shallow IM vs being deep in the muscle does not matter too much right?

I have been on Gels for the last month - which I have not found beneificial - but maybe it may cut down the wait period you mentioned in the later post. I wish I could use cyp but no doctor in the UK where I am now based is able to provide it. I guess I will ball-park 12 days for starting; dosing the next earlier if I start to feel bad.

Thanks for the feedback!

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The trouble with the 150mg a week is that i don’t believe it comes in an multidose vile like cyp etc. I have never used an ampule before but from the sounds of it, you use it all and discard. I guess if I were to ever go down down this route I could always pre-fill syringes

Sub Q gave me a large welt under the skin with Sustanon. My starting dose was 0.5m/l week which was later reduced to 0.2ml twice per week.

I personally wouldnt be happy with that injection frequency.

Yea sustanon is definitely not for subq!

UK based are you doing it via NHS?

Sustanon was designed to keep blood levels stable over a long period of time allowing infrequent injections. In practice it didnt work for me. I was being prescribed 245mg per week (which is almost a low dose bodybuilding cycle) by a UK company. I was injecting 175mg every 5 days IM in to my quad (I actually liked that injection site as it made aspirating really easy). I’m a little OCD so I got my blood tested at day 2 and day 5 (day 5 just before my injection). My day 2 free test was 0.1480 nmol/L and day 5 was 0.914 nmol/L. Thats a 60% difference! It would likley to have been a greater difference if I had taken the blood test on day 1 due to the propionate element which has a 2 day half-life.

Other observations are that when I tried injecting Sustanon subq it left a sore lump for about a week and when reducing my needle size from 1" to 5/8" when injecting into my quad my blood level dropped by 10%. I guess thats deep IM to shallow IM.

I’m currently injecting cypionate daily subq in to my belly fat using a 27g insulin needle and love it aka Dr John Crisler. No aspirating and no peaks and troughs.

Oppss… just seen a typo. I meant 1.480 nmol/L on day 2.

Were you with BMH?

Good guess, yes, still am.

How much you paying for the cypionate if you don’t mind me asking?

Can you direct message through here?

Nope but I think my email is available in my profile?