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Best Approach for Continued Progress


I have been training for approx 3 years with no prior lifting experience, last 2 more seriously, and am now age 47 (i.e. old), 6'2, weight ~210lb.
Lifts are like: deadlift 415lb, incline bench 300lb, squat 300lb, bbcurl 154lb

My goal is to become bigger, followed by stronger.

Up till recently I have generally trained a body part split, approx. 1x per weeek, with 6-10 reps per set, traing 4-5x / week.

Before Xmas I started to try out CT's Neural Charge Training workout approach on my lifts (ramping with 3 reps per set then wave loading), repeating core lifts ~4x per week, etc.. (so on a given day 24 or so reps per lift).

I have found it great, and find doing say incline bench or deadlift so frequently each week no major problem recovery-wise.
In fact my single max bench has jumped up ~20-30lb over the past month.

I have now started to occaisionally throw in a 5x5 set to mix things up.

My questions are: Do people think this kind of high "volume" per week is long term OK as an approach, or is it only something to do for a couple of months and then swap back? Is this approach likely the best one for achieving my primary goal of max'ing size?



Generally, getting bigger entitles more volume. If strength is your focus, you usually lower volume.

But IMO that's too distracting for newbs to think about. Stick to a good routine and as long as gains are coming (which is largely controlled by diet) then it's all good.

Worse thing you can do is changing things all the time (especially exercises) just because of boredom or chasing the next big thing.

Look over what you do and if it generally falls in line with the guidelines below then you're not far off a decent bodybuilding routine:



if it's working why change it?