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Best Approach for Clomid?


I've got 50mg Clomid from an underground lab and they are in capsule form. I'm 100% on the quality and legitimacy of the product based on feedback from several friends that have been using this lab for years.

My question is I was planning on running 50/50/25/25 but since I recieved 50mg powder filled caps what would be the best approach for the 2 weeks at 25mg? Should I take 50 EOD or attempt to open the caps and measure half the contents on a daily basis???


You can open and measure out the capsules. If Clomid is soluble in water, you can mix the Clomid in an ounce of water and drink half of it. You can do the same with vodka if it's soluble in alcohol.

Double check your Clomid dose.


opening the caps would make more sense and give you what you need when you need it

if you want the lazy option then yea just take it eod

why the low dose though?


I'm coming off of 40mg Anavar ED and 250mg Test E a week. I had to stop after only 5 weeks due to a physical for work and some of my results causing issues with my health insurance. I have about a month to get my HDL and Liver Values looking better. So I figured coming off and saving things for a later cycle was the best option.

I was running HCG at 250iu E3D as well , so I figured the low dose of Clomid was more precautionary than anything. If anyone disagrees please speak up. Having to come off after only 5 weeks sucks ass and I definitely don't want any problems with my PCT for such a BS cycle.


No it doesnt. At all.

The majority of the stuff in the capsule is filler. Theres no way to get an accurate dose of the drug by simply diving the powder in half.


Bonez surely by the law of averages its going to be half. Like lets say you took some protein powder and some carb powder and put it in one pot, if you mix it up enough its going to give you the same ratio as you put in when you take out 1 scoop. Granted that it has to be well enough mixed but the stuff inside the capsules will be mixed.

Your point was taken though that it might not have been just 1 substance in the cap and it was a valid one.


Particle size and weight will play a big role in whether mixing (regardless of how extensive) will work to even out the contents.

Unless you do your mixing while in free fall... then yes, youre method may work.


Ok Bonez I will take your word for it because you probably know more about it than I do :slight_smile:


So Bonez, whats your advise. If I would have known they were in capsule form and 50mg I would have went elsewhere. I'm starting the Clomid Tuesday and still need to figure out the best option. Would dividing it and at least getting some active ingredient daily and the same mg per week be the best bet or the EOD approach be best??? Or would it pretty much be the same outcome???


I dont know. Never ran into this problem. I dont think EOD is ideal though.


According to wikipedia, clomid's half-life is 5-7 days. On purely theoretical grounds, it should be fine, right?


Why make it harder than it has to be? Just run 100/50/50....it's not gonna hurt you, it can only help you. After only 5 weeks on you probably do not need more than that considering your drug choices and dosages. Add a 4th week PCT if you feel the need.


You taper down to 25 mg/day for a reason--this is to avoid estrogen rebound when you start. So your advice isn't very good, IMO.


Not sure I follow you here. If it is water/alcohol soluble, then mixing the contents into your liquid will produce a homogenous mixture that you can then dose accordingly.

I don't see any issue with this.


IMO, a 5 week "cycle" of 250 mg test and low dose HCG doesn't provide a ton of aromitizing potential over that timeframe, and while clomid can "est rebound", his systemic estrogen should be at a resonable level when he starts PCT, and as long as he keeps his clomid use duration short then there really ain't much difference between 50 mg and 25....especially when he can't effectively split his capsules. Clomid has a relatively weak potential for est rebound, and I'd be more inclined to think individuals who experience this and blame clomid probably did not effectively control estrogen while on cycle to begin with, or ran the clomid too long.


I have a related question to this. I have 1mg caps of adex. My source informed me that the filler in tye powder is calcium lactate. To your knowledge, would the contents of the capsule be soluble in tye alcohol? Or would the solubility of the filler not matter at all since the adex would be soluble in the alcohol? I would think that it would be an issue because the solution wouldnt be homogenous then and accurate dosing would be difficult.

Also, would mixing a big batch of the alcohol/adex mix be a terrible idea? Just want to save time and not have to mix the solution everytime i need to take adex.


So do you think 3-4 weeks at 50 would be fine or should I attempt to split the capsule contents the last 2 weeks to at lest take in a somewhat 25mg dosage daily? It would seem to me that even if it's not exactly 25 ED that there would still be a tapering effect by doing that.


Yes, of course.

I wasnt talking about liquid. I was talking about mechanically mixing the dry powders in the hypothetical situtation.

Putting everything into solution is an effective method.


Actually, recommending 3-4 weeks WAS kinda off on my part. In all likelihood, two weeks of 50 mg ED would probably do it for you, considering the short duration, low dosages, milder oral and HCG use during your 5 weeker. I personally wouldnt bother splitting up your caps, but its your choice man. The probability of getting an equal dosage from a solvent, clomid and filler solution is likely low and not necessary IMO, but it`s your choice. Go for it if you like, and run 50, 50, 25.