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Best Approach For Bigger Chest?


My chest is lagging well behind the rest of my body. I'm going for size, not strength and hoping to achieve this through body weight only excercises. What would be the best approach?


Its gonna be tough only doing body weight. I would suggest though that you did dynamic pushups aka clap pushups where you push off and clap your hands. Then possibly some push ups with your feet up on a chair to hit the upper part of your chest. I would suggest fly's and pullovers but I don't see how you could do those with bodyweight.

Maybe you could do some BW dips and learn forward to focus on your pecs more than your triceps. But thats all I can suggest, it would be much easier if you just got a member ship to a gym.


There's a perfect solution. Go to Authors\Chad Waterbury and go to one of the last pages. The article is called Build a Huge Chest in 6 Weeks. It's an excellent bodyweight exercise.

Or just go here:


Join a Gym? He wants to do bodyweight chest exercises. Then he can get a trainer who will put him on a bench press 1 day a week plan and take him 5 years to build a chest. Save your money.

Daily Dips and Push Ups will siffice building a chest. Its the intensity that builds it, not the gym.

5-10 sets a day of 20-25 push ups, & 5-10 sets a day of Dips will build that chest quicker than the program a gym trainer will put him on.

Either that or join the military and go to B.U.D.S for Navy Seal recruit training. you'll have a better chest than in 1 summer than the kids in the gym doing benchs and inclines once a week.

If your seroius. add weight to those dips & push ups and You'll have "shirt bustin' open" pecs