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Best Appetite Suppressants?


I've got some ephredrine and some amphetamines that I can use but don't really like to take them due to side effects. Are there any others that might be useful? Any other strategies to suppress the appetite?

Currently severely injured and in a chair for at least six weeks. Can't do any exercise at all and don't want to gain fat.


I'd be trying to eat as much protein, vitamins and food as possible so as not to atrophy and lose all your gains. It's much easier to lose 10 lbs of fat then it is to gain back 10 lbs of muscle.


Hell no. I am not a bodybuilder and am not about packing the food away even when I'm active, much less when I'm totally immobile.


BTW I don't think that stuffing your face will save any amount of muscle when you're sedentary.

Overeating + not working out = getting fat. See: 90% of the population.



eat like 4 a day, it's hard to be hungry after packing a few down, they can start to take up a lot of space.

same goes for carrots
and spinach
hm.... I guess the same goes for most vegetables


If you?re not a bodybuilder or strength athlete or any other performance-oriented person I don't see why you would even join T-Nation.

I suggest you go write a letter to Oprah about your appetite problem.


You're an idiot trying to sound smart. I am a long jumper for your dumbass information and it is not acceptable for me to balloon up to 15% body fat. Again, I do not think that eating a lot will save any muscle mass when I'm not doing ANY kind of physical activity whatsoever. That's a recipe for skinny-fat. There's a time to cut calories, and that's when you're stuck in a fucking wheelchair with casts on both legs.... fuck.


Salads, low calorie, filling.

Protein is very filling, don't discount it, and it WILL help to prevent muscle wasting.

Just don't go eating 8,000 calories worth of it.

As far as suppressants go, lots of stimulants have appetite reducing effects.

And when you come asking for advice, don't be a dick.


Try a handful of all bran about 10 minutes before each meal.

Try to avoid conventional wisdom, which may dictate shying away from fat: high protein and fat foods are very filling and can be a great asset when trying to control caloric intake.



  • Lots of veggies, raw and steamed.
  • Lower calorie fruits, like apples and grapefruits.
  • A very small bit of fat with every meal (very small if you're keeping calories low).
  • Lean protein with every meal (again, not large portions).
  • Cocoa powder. I've found cocoa powder mixed into some herbal tea (I sweeten it with stevia, most people would use sucralose, but pick your poison) does wonders for appetite suppression. It's a bit stimulating, but not too bad.


Fat. Does wonders to fill me up. I use extra virgin olive oil. Table spoon at every meal.


I'd give Carbolin 19 a try if I was in your situation. Good luck.


The hoodia that's in Venom has been the most impressive appetite suppressor I've tried so far. Legal appetite suppressor that is. I've tried/taked to other people who have used both regular hoodia and venom and say that venom works better. I don't want an appetitte suppressor night now but just to see if it was true I "tested" both and regular hoodia doesn't work as well or as long.


I agree, the advice you shot down was good advice.



And if you can make yourself eat a pound of green vegetables at every meal--green beans, spinach, etc.--it'll be very hard to get hungry.


I agree. I don't agree with restricting fat when dieting. It does do wonders to fill you up and is very good for you. I say lots of fibrous vegetables, lean protein, and quality fats.


No, it wasn't. The right diet for a bodybuilder or athlete is not the right diet for a sedentary person, and the advice was to essentially eat more than he was before. The original poster said that he didn't want to gain fat. Therefore, the advice was bad relative to that goal.


Well other than "eat as much food as possible" it more or less was.

He should be getting as much protein in as possible.

Maybe try the V diet?


HAHA. Dr. Phil might listen better.