Best Appetite Suppressant?

What is the best OTC Appetite suppressant available. I am really needing one that works well.

e coli?

My ex gf’s cooking. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Hot Coffee for me. Anytime I drink it I won’t be able to eat for 2 hours. It fills me up

I dunno, but I’m eating 3800 cals today down from my normal 4200 (ramping down calories to 3000 over the next few weeks) and I’m about to eat my desk.

Ephedrine,plain and simple. Do the eca stack. Anorectic effect (what your looking for), Thermogenic effect (“burns” calories) and it raises your BMR.

I’ve been taking Lipo-6x, which has a bunch of caffeine in it. It does the job quite well.

gaspari nutrition mitotropin…it cuts really your appetite and you will lean like crazy. Its a good diuretic and fat burner

Doesn’t fiber help as well with that?

How about some willpower?

If something is counterproductive to your objective, don’t put it in your mouth.