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Best App for Workout Logs


Hi guys,
I am looking for a simple but effective app for keeping my workout logs. Key things for me are easiness to add and track workouts, progression over time of training max and breadth of the exercise database. I have tried a bunch of them and currently I am using “Full Fitness” which is quite simple.
What app would you recommend?



Why not writing what you did in a paper or something and then keep a log here?


Keep a log here, it keeps you more accountable to your actions, at least in my experience. Furthermore, stay on here long enough and you might even make some E-Friends who’ll check in on your training log, give you advice and offer you words on encouragements. Typing a bunch of words out ain’t all that hard.


I personally write my workouts in my phones notes then write them in a notebook after as well as my meals or any notes I need to remember


Thank you guys for the replies but I am really after a mobile app to keep tracking of my progresses. I have been training for a long time so commitment or accountability is not an issue for me. The main reasons why I prefer a mobile app are that a) it is easier to keep track of the progresses over time on each exercise (you can compare trends); b) it is better at searching and retrieving information about old workouts; c) no data loss as it is saved in the cloud.


I use one drive and an excel document. Then, you can customize however you want